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I've been doing Mortgage Sales for 8 years now, still productive and appreciative of this market. It's a cycle. I constantly analyze market trends and upcoming noteworthy events, and I keep a finger on the pulse of the Financial Markets, as they directly influence the mortgage industry.

I consider myself extensively educated on all phases of the mortgage process, and thoroughly capable of resolving any problem, at least to which there is a solution. I have to point out, though, that some borrowers simply cannot be helped, as presented, at that time. Thereafter, credit correction and lifestyle counseling become relevant.

I do a full spectrum of FHA, VA and USRD lending, and I am transitioning into commercial lending, while also doing home staging and of course, "loan staging" as a loan officer. Retail mortgages are the bread and butter, but commercial has a longer term, higher fallout, and greater payout, so it's a fair balance. I will be expanding as my book of business allows.


As it has become necessary to say, I request, respectfully, that you do not solicit me for employment offers, and in particular insurance or media related. I have been solicited for some positions, relentlessly, despite a clear verbal statement of non-interest, and so I place it in writing as a preliminary to such inquiries in the future. I do what I do, and I am comfortable with that at the current time.


HI! I'm a full service Loan Officer lending in 38 states with a stable of over 300 lenders, although I by no means use that many. I feel it is best to know well a small block of lenders, less than 10, who can handle 95% of the loans or lending situations as required, and only resort to "out of the box" lending solutions when normal and usual means are insufficient.

Looking for residential, commercial, and FHA/VA loans to CLOSE!  I can do lending up to around $25M on commercial properties, and projects, and essentially any type of residential.

Due to the collapse of the sub-prime market, right now I am not reviewing any borrowers with any collections or judgments unpaid, although active BK is acceptable for FHA Finance or refinance, under certain circumstances. Additionally, medical collections are not counted toward unpaid collections, generally. Purchases require 3% down, minimum. Guidelines for FHA have changed as of October 2007, although the effective date of the changes is still to be determined by HUD. 

Self-employed borrowers with 24 months history and tax returns supporting income are finance-able, but stated income programs are non-existent essentially, with FICO scores less than 720.

My current favored product for those who qualify is a Home Ownership Accelerator, which is an embedded checking account within an equity line against the home. 10 year fixed maximum equity period, with a Graduated amortized retiring of the equity line throughout the remaining 240 months of the 30 year period. Tied to the 1-month LIBOR, with a reasonable and flexible margin. Essentially, how it works is deposits placed in the checking account are IMMEDIATELY reduced from principal balance, and therefore reduce the accrued interest against that same principal for  the period of time of reduction. Many borrowers end up using this as a regular checking account, but in turn pay their bills out at the end of the month. Effectively, it can allow a borrower to have a true equity availability as well as reducing effective interest significantly. If done correctly, a borrower could potentially reduce their effective interest to as low as 3% over the life of the loan, and that's actual amortization. If you can find a better program, I'd love to see it!

I have been doing this a long time, I've slaved through the good and bad, and it's now time for the longterm players like myself to help those who really can be helped, not put gas-station attendants in a $300k house. (it's a joke, laugh a little, you know someone's done it!)


Send me your deals!!!


Operating out of Lansing Michigan Area serving the entire State, as well as Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, and several other states with direct licenses, and a total of 38 states with corporate license