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Why would you ever referr a loan to someone that did not succeed as a Realtor? I am here to help deliver on time closings, fast service and great results.

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Realtor-first service

From 2002-2006, I was a licensed Realtor with RE/MAX.  I was on my own, selling houses.  I remember everything from getting promised a "flexible" appraiser, to having them ask me to rewrite a deal (after they told me how to write it in the first place).  I remember seeing fees of $5600 on a $110,000 mortgage, and I remember the stress that my buyers went through. 

I came back to this business so that no Realtor who works that hard would ever have to go through the nonsense that most mortgage brokers put them through.  I knew that if I served Realtors first and foremost, that I would be doing what few could do.  I've been in your shoes, I'm here to help.  85% of my business is Realtor Referred purchase loans.

My preapproval is never going to fall apart

When you see a preapproval from my team, you know it's going to work.  We have a 24 step quality process that ensures each and every loan will fit each and every time.  If someone has "a good shot," but isn't done?  I don't issue a preapproval that I can't close.  I know the questions to ask that kill deals.

You will know more about your deal than anyone else

At every point, you'll know what's happening next.  You'll know when we received a fax from you.  You'll know when a borrower has to get documents, what they are, and what else we need.  You'll know if we're seeking an exception to guidelines.

If something is NOT going well, you will be the first to know, and what we are doing about getting it closed. 

You will close on time, guaranteed

Every time I have more than a few days to close,  I do all that's possible to get the deal done.  We work to improve our process on every loan, and we know how serious and rare it should be to move a closing date.  On all of our purchases, we have a 10 day guarantee: You will be able to close in 10 days from when we have the borrowers documents, or we will eliminate all of our lender charges, and pay the appraisal*.

We wouldn't do it any other way, really

So send me a file or two, you'll know that it's one less thing to worry about, and one less thing to have to do.  We'll call or email you, you won't have to call us.  So relax and let us handle it.  You won't have to worry about a thing.


I work with getting people done, and done fast.

IF you have a deal that's on the ropes, send it my way and I will work with you to get it done.

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