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Get to Know Chris Myers

I was not only blessed with 3 children (now grown), but I've also been involved in developing various internet- and B&M-based business, am a professional photographer, and even  found time to earn a PhD where I was involved in disaster research. I heard first-hand horror stories from families who were unable to recover fully from the  disasters because they'd not understood their insurance coverage nor had they been prepared to file a claim. They didn't have PROOF of what they owned! Getting their lives back in order was an ordeal.


It doesn't have to be that way and I've used my relocation to North Texas to find a way to help people prepare for the unimaginable. A comprehensive inventory will provide proof of property ownership in the event of loss, and to verify those losses for your income tax return and insurance companies. (Many specifically recommend a photographic record and an itemized inventory of your property, which are a part of FSB's inventory process.)


There are several ways that I can assist, real estate professionals, stagers and their clients.

Pre-Move inventory:

Accidents DO happen! will your clients be prepared?


Whether it is a move across town or a trip across the country, a comprehensive pre-move inventory is one of the FIRST steps  to any move. With a comprehensive inventory your clients will Know exactly what is going to move with with them. Be able to ensure adequate insurance coverage for the move and at theirr new home. Have needed information close at hand in case of loss or damage

You can request a pre-move checklist for your clients by emailing me at


You can add gift certificates for inventoriy services to your Thank You Packages, or arrange for an Express Inventory as a nice housewarming gift!  FSB also has Asset Tagging and anti-forgery products for your use. Check them out here!


Photography Services:

Showcase your listings in the best light! The right equipment,  a sharp eye for composition, and expert post-processing can show buyers that "just another house" can really be their dream home.  You and your sellers spend time and $$ decluttering, staging, and creating appeal in so many ways. Harsh flash glare, improper white balance, and quick snaps with your P&S or cell phone can't do justice to the space and can negate all that hard work.

A group of great photos can make a world of difference. This is true for commercial as well as residential properties!

Recently, a colleague of mine in the PACNW shared some photos he took of a vineyard he came upon on one of his "photo safaris." It was a superb "abstract" rendering of rolling hills of vine rows. I thought it would be gorgeous printed extra large on metalic photo paper. When he mentioned that the place had been on the market for over a year, I suggested he speak to the realtor and show her the shots. The photos were used on the web listing and the large metalic print was purchased for the on-site home. Within a week, there was a solid offer on the place. The buyers had been fascinated when they "found" the view in the photo on their drive to the property and "in love" when they saw thatt same view repeated in the large metalic print when they entered the home.




Fill your wallet when you help your clients!  Earn cash for each completed inventory. Email me for details.

Stagers and real estate professionals can also earn when they help their clients save on window coverings.  Blind Confidence has a referral program, as well! Whether you need a room's worth to complete a staging, or your client needs a whole houseful, Blind Confidence offers Blinds, Shades, and Shutters at factory direct prices with hometown service.  Email Blind Confidence to find out how to earn!


I'm an inventory professional & professional photographer serving the Greater Denton/Lewisville area. We specialize in resident'l/commerc'l inventory, asset tag service, & real estate photography.