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Christy Hempel
Sr. Loan Officer
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Get to Know Christy Hempel

If you're like most real estate agents, you've been affected by the housing slow down and are searching for ways to attract more sellers and buyers. Yet, advertising is an expensive proposition, especially if it isn't producing new clients, so do you really want to throw out your hard earned money?

With millions of listings online and more people surfing the Internet to research home buying or selling, you really need an online marketing strategy to stay ahead of competition. You need a solution that helps you acquire relationships without rejection and builds client loyalty.

It begins by working with a professional who understands what you're trying to achieve; someone who cares as much about your business as you do. Unlike other loan officers who only want your next referral, I help you generate more referrals and it begins using a 3 step solution:

Convert strangers into friends. Imagine generating a qualified prospect that doesn't require you to reduce your commission split to beat the competition. Transform a neighborhood into a flourishing community. Imagine being the agent responsible for connecting neighbors and the benefits you'll gain from networking. Change how prospects view your services. Imagine being top-of-mind with your prospects as a trusted source, instead as a salesperson. You'll enjoy greater credibility and less competition.

When you affect these 3 areas you'll enjoy a lifetime of referrals and eliminate your dependency on advertising. Imagine what it would be like to work less and make more money!

If you're tired of ineffective advertising or you want fresh and new alternatives to beating your competition, you've come to the right place. My name is Christy Hempel, and albeit I'm a mortgage lender, you'll find me to be different; one who realizes the true potential when an agent and a lender collaborate together and form a partnership.


I primarily work with agents who are career-oriented, focus on residential re-sales, and deliver superior service. However, they know service alone isn't enough to produce steady referrals and work in conjunction with their affiliates (i.e. loan officer, inspector, title & escrow) because they know it produces more business.

Typically, these following statements suit real estate agents seeking my help. Which ones describe you?

I'm struggling to acquire clients because of the housing slow-down. I'm diligent but work for a broker that offers limited support and I'm frustrated because my advertising efforts have led to dismal results. What do I need to do to get a new client?

I'm relatively new to real estate but have a vast network of contacts. I want to position myself as an expert but am unsure where to begin. I've toiled with technology but find it intimidating or too confusing. Who understands what I'm trying to do and can help me achieve it?

I've been successful and found clients relatively easy until the market came to a halt. Now I find myself going different directions and not having a clear plan. I want to continue my career in real estate but need to identify a strategy that moves my business forward. How do I develop relationships and get more referrals without the huge expense of advertising?

Real estate agents are successful working with me if...

You are committed to excellence . You don't believe in always cutting your commission or asking the lender to cut their commission to make a sale. Instead, you believe in creating added value and delivering superior service, so clients promote your service to their friends and family.

You believe in a symbiotic relationship . You place high emphasis on the importance of trustworthy relationships. You believe in meeting regularly and sharing your goals and marketing plans so we can help each other. On the other hand, if you feel compelled to always give 3 business cards to buyers, then I'm not the lender for you. I want to work with agents where I can develop fierce loyalty between each other.

You adhere to the highest standards of integrity. If you want to get ahead by taking unethical shortcuts; I'm not the lender for you. If you believe in playing the game at the highest level, I want to help you succeed at it.