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Artur Urbanski
Helping property owners to maximize property value
location_on Burlingame, CA — Cimpler Real Estate, Inc.
CA BRE# 01330941
Get to Know Artur Urbanski

Independent real estate agent and broker in Burlingame, CA. Started Cimpler Real Estate in 2006. Relaunched Cimpler to focus on buyers only in 2012. Invented a Cimpler Way - a unique way to buy residential property and help buyers to save immediately and in the long term. Artur has an excellent knowledge of local schools. He served as Co-President of PTO in Mills High School, Millbrae, CA and Vice-Chairman of the Citizen Oversight Committee for Measure M bond passed by voters in November 2006 to renovate High Schools in San Mateo Union High School District (SMUHSD). Previously loan broker and business broker. Previously broker associate with Coldwell Banker, loan officer with Portfolio Lending, JMJ Financial and business broker with AMU Group. 25 years experience in research and development prior to entering real estate.


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Independent real estate agent, broker and entrepreneur in Burlingame, CA. Helping buyers in the Bay Area to save significantly both, short and long term, using the Cimpler Way.