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I am a professionally trained Realtor bringing buyers and sellers together not only in normal real estate transactions, but also in distressed sales.  I am certified and highly trained as a Short Sale Expert.  I understand how to work with lenders to get them on board to sell a property before a foreclosure happens. In times past, it use to be that one had to be late on their mortgage payment before being able to qualify with the lender to do a short sale, which is where your lender agrees to allow you to sell your home for less than what is currently owed, and your lender will even pay the normal seller closing cost, including all taxes and real estate commissions! But now with over 50% of Americans ‘upside-down’ in their property, lenders are agreeing to sale the loan short, just to avoid the expense of another property going into foreclosure.  If you or someone you know needs help understanding all the options, contact me today for your confidential, no-obligation appointment. It just makes sense to consider all the options available today to assist distressed property owners!





In todays' economy, so many homeowners finding that they can no longer afford to keep their homes.  Either they are behind on payments, or will soon be if the property is not sold soon.  I have had extensive training as a Certified Distressed Property Expert, (CDPE) and continue to get up to minute training on all new programs that the government is rolling out to help distressed home owners. 

The newest program rolled out last week is the HAUP, Home Affordable Unemployment Program that allows a homeowner who find themselves suddenly unemployed to get a waiver to not make the mortgage payment while attempting to sale the property.  With this waiver in place, the homeowner will not have any missed payments or late payment hits to their credit report!

There are several other programs available to assist a homeowner to prevent a foreclosure or a "strategic default" which Fannie and Freddie are cracking down on.  You really don't want to get caught up in this "default strategy" especially when there are so many other options available today to help in a distressed situation.

I work very closely with a Loss Mitigation Company, True Freedom Consulting, that works for the homeowner in a "negative equity" situation. Did you know that new laws have been passed to allow a homeowner who did opt to do other options other than allow their home to go to foreclosure can get FHA loan in 2 years or less to purchase another home if they can prove they can afford the payments? This is HUGE! A foreclosure can negatively affect your credit for 4 to 10 years. It is actually worse than filing bankruptcy. For your copy of "Should I Short Sale My Home" just contact me by email to request your copy. Or call me at 832-755-5462.



Certified in helping distressed Homeowners to get out of the property to prevent foreclosure or just to get out of an upside down situation, often times without making any payments during process.