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I was born in Munich Germany but lived there only a short period. I was forced to move to Marin County, don't worry , it wasn't so bad. Growing up in Lucas Valley as a child had many benefits. I was introduced to the love of sports and a great educational system.

I began at an early age to swim . I found competitive swimming at the age of 6 and did not stop until 18 when I could no longer compete.. I loved competing and I was really good at it. I lettered in swimming at Marin Catholic High School. I continue to swim to this day averaging 100 laps per work out. That competitiveness carried into other sports as well.

My father introduced tennis to me at the age of 9 and I am still playing tennis to this day. I lettered in tennis at Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa . I have played tournament tennis off and on since the early 90's while living in Los Angeles. I have played in and won several tennis tournaments since 2007. I was a doubles finalist at the Palm Springs Open in 07 and had wins at the LA Open and the SF Open in 08. I am now a member of the USTA Ragle Ranch Park 4.0 team . With a first win of the 2010 season I hope for a really good year.

After finishing High School at Cardinal Newman in Santa Rosa I felt the need to leave. So I headed to Southern California to make my way in life. I worked for years in the Landscape Construction Industry.. , specializing in high end installations. I decided to go back to school in the early 90's and graduated from Woodbury University cum laude with a degree in business management. I moved over seas upon graduation and lived in Europe for several years working many odd jobs. Returning home I utilized my education and began investing in real estate.

I am an active investor in Real Estate. I have been fortunate enough to be able to continue to work in the Real Estate Industry during these hard economic times. I understand the need to be diversified financially and I am always looking to be even more diverse than I already am. With holdings in California, Kentucky and Hawaii my real estate portfolio is diverse and is working out for me..

I look at every house with green eyes. Everyone and every house can become greener. Sonoma and Marin Counties are on the right track. I look at how walkable or bikeable an area is. I also practice what I preach. I believe that with every bit of recycling, reducing and reusing our children's children will be able to live a better life than if we just do nothing. What I love about the Northbay is that it offers a way of life that is so conducive to being outside. And I want the outside to remain clean and comfortable.


Growing up in the North Bay I have a real close connection to my community . I have seen the explosive growth occur here and I am aware of what kind of community I want to live in. Living in a sustainable community is very important to me. I have installed a solar system at my home and look forward to the day I can buy an electric car. One of my many mantras are reduce, reuse, recycle. I do things like compost all green waste at home. I have planted a small orchard and a large vegetable garden. This allows me to feed my family, friends and the Food For Thought Food Bank.

I volunteer weekly at the Food For Thought food bank in Forestville. I love what they stand for. They help anyone in need regardless of their income.


I have been fortunate enough to have found a wonderful partner. Everyone that meets Jeffrey loves him. My family thinks I am a lucky guy. I think they are right. We are on the same page with trying to live our lives being healthy and happy. We believe in honesty and open communication.