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My name is CJ Davies.  I am a Graduate of The University of North Carolina Wilmington with a Business degree in marketing.  I am a resident of Long Beach Island on the south end in Holgate and have been for over 20 years.  I come from an awesome family.  I have a younger sister Nicole.  I have a 3 year old dog named Haze as well as a 10 year old Daschund.  I love spending time out on the Barnegat Bay and enjoying the beaches of Long Beach Island.  Some of my hobbies include:

Traveling - US Virgin Islands, Brittish Virgin Islands , Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico Surfing Clamming Dog training Boating Wheel thrown pottery Real Estate of course

Real Estate

I have been around Real estate my whole life.  Davies and DeGennaro as well as Mark Davies Builders has been around for almost as long as I have been alive.  Being a familiy run business, It is exciting to learn from my family and grow the company along with them.  My area of expertise is Long Beach Island and surrounding areas, with a focus on vacation homes and waterfront properties.  Not only do I get to work with people buying second vacation homes, but I would like to continue helping first time home buyers.  Being at Davies and DeGennaro puts me at a huge advantage compared to other agents in the area.  Since we are teamed up with Mark Davies Builders we have an unmatched knowledge of not only our local real estate market, but the development and construction side of the business that forms the backbone of our highly sustainable market.  You would be suprised how fast a deal can fall through with small issues that normal realtors would take weeks to fix if they even knew how to go about it in the first place.  So please if you are looking to buy or sell a house, and you want someone with the right connections and the right attitude, give me a call I would be happy to let you in on all I have to offer you at Davies and DeGennaro.  View my active Virtual Tours Cell: (609) 713-8952


Do you have Real Estate questions you cant find the answer to?


Can I profit from a subdivision?

If I tear a home down, what can I build?

Why are set backs different for corner lots?

Who needs to approve Waterfront Development?

What are riparian rights/What's the difference between a riparian grant and a riparian lease?










What is a tide lands claim and how can that affect the sale of my property?

What is CAFRA and how can it cost me thousands?

What are the Zoning rules and regulations in my township?

How can Davies and DeGennaro Help me maximize my profits on any transaction?

If so, Please call me to learn how to maximize the potential of your property.

Does your agent have a building company too? Almost every transaction requires construction fixes, some that can cause huge problems or even blow up a deal. Teamed with Davies Builders, not only can we find issues before they become problems, but we can fix problems before they become disasters. Let's leave the disasters to mother nature.

Make Your Life Easier, Call CJ Davies Today 609-713-8952

CJ Davies’s Specialties:

I specialize in water front properties on Long Beach Island. You will have to look far and wide for an agent with more knowledge/faster access to answers about CAFRA, Zoning regulations and similar confusing aspects of real estate.

I have a private building ompany on call at all times that can significantly minimize the amount of work, time and MONEY spent on transactions.

I guarantee you will get your questions answered. If I do not know right away I am only a few phone calls away from finding out promptly.


We make your life easier while optimizing the value of your property with unmatched knowledge of everything real estate related and the power to handle any transaction from start to finish.