Senad Dizdar (cloudHQ)

San Francisco , California 94122

Get to know Senad Dizdar

cloudHQ is the perfect backup and file replication solution for the real estate industry.   Why cloudHQ?    Many realtors (individuals agents or part of larger organization) have their documents stored in multiple cloud services (they have Evernote account with photos & text notes about property features, their client's loan applications are in Dropbox, etc.). So the challenges are: How to consolidate all your sellers and buyers documents, property inspection documents, etc.,  How to ensure that all your cloud accounts have the correct version of documents, etc.  How to backup all your documents and  protect these documents against accidental and malicious deletion?   cloudHQ is the solution: cloudHQ will sync and replicate all your data between Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync or Basecamp. For example, with cloudHQ you can backup all your Evernote notes and Google Docs documents to Dropbox. Or you can use Dropbox folder as 'drop box' to easily upload documents into Evernote. Or you can sync Dropbox accounts of all your realtors to a central GDrive account as a backup copy.    I wonder if you can try our product and maybe present it on your blog or forward this your members. And, we can offer sign up to your customers using special referral code:    Here is a short video about our product:    Here is a short blurb describing our product: