Cynthia Bartch, Designing with Gemstones and Sterling silver! (Gem and Silver Alchemy)

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Granville , Ohio 43055

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Hand crafted, artisan jewelry in gemstones and sterling silver.​ Former Home Stager who's creative mojo has taken a different direction! Granville, Newark, Ohio area

Get to know Cynthia Bartch

Hi there, I'm a former Home Stager who's creative mojo has moved on to hand crafting artisan jewelry. I primarly work with precious, semi- precious gemstones and sterling silver. It's always fun in the studio learning with tradional metal smithing tools such as an anvil, lots of hammers and torches too!

The same principles of design I used as a home stager carried over to my  hand - crafted jewelry work. Texture, color and blance, it's all the same!

Gem and Silver Alchemy




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Specialties (1)
  • Turquoise, Amber and Sterling Silver
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  • English