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David Oliver
David Collins Oliver
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Get to Know David Oliver

     Charged with the duties of Business Development for Marketplace Title in Southwest Florida, I am responsible for the account management for all current clients and procurement of new business clients.  Our clients are Realtors, mortgage professionals and any other person who refers home sellers and buyers to our company for the purpose of purchasing, selling or refinancing loans on property.  With this task comes the importance of providing quality communication, efficient and quick results with little to no stress.  With Marketplace Title, we have a vast array of knowledge from mortgage experience and real estate to superior customer relationship skills and legal knowledge which enable us to provide smooth transactions with a piece of mind feeling.  

     I have experience as a Realtor, professional educatior and trainer, and marketing and customer service manager.  These past roles have molded me with the skill set to help everyone that utilizes Marketplace Title for real estate related matters. You would want to use us because you will experience the satisfaction of knowing we can handle your transaction with the care as if it were our property we were selling or buying.  

     The intangibles that set us apart are that we return emails and phone calls promptly (the same day) and we create a office atmosphere that you feel like you are expected and we are ready for you. 

     Currently I am a licensed Realtor in the state of Massachusetts.  I also have held teaching certifications in:

Florida, Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

I have earned my Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. 

As a realtor I have:

closed over $5 Million in sales.  participated in a 6 week intensive real estate training course. received a 8 week intensive real estate agent sales, marketing and skill training.  received numerous customer service awards. awarded recognition for being in the top 10% of all active Realtors for production in only my 2nd year as a Realtor. 

I have also received the following accolades:

authored and won numerous educational grants including a $10,000 technology grant for a elementary school.  received a 6 week scholarship to Switzerland to study conflict negotiation and mediation.  elected the Student Government President in college which enabled me to work with college staff, presidents and college student officers from all 22 community colleges in the state of Florida.  wrote and presented at state level technology education conferences. 

     Finally, with the advent of social media, I have gained relationships with real estate professionals from literally, around the world, sharing and gaining knowledge, to help our local real estate agents and promote their services while helping their clients. 

All of these skills, awards and experiences have and continue to shape the person I am so that I can be counted on by Marketplace Title and our clients. 


Marketplace Title is a title company that does not do everything.  We have found that its better be Great at a few tasks instead of being good or mediocre at a lot of tasks.  Therefore when you have a home purchase, sale or a loan refinance, Marketplace Title would like to be considered for your go-to closing title company.

We offer:

residential and commercial closings. smooth and stress free experiences.  quick and concise communication.  a peace of mind experience.  preliminary HUDs for both buyers, sellers, refinance orders and their Realtors.  First Looks at Title for any clouds / issues we need to clear before closing.  accommodating and flexible.  referrals for our realtors.  education and training opportunities for Realtors. 

Marketplace Title, providing peace of mind closings, smooth transactions by putting people first. We accomplish this by promoting Realtors while creating a warm and inviting environment for closings.