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Commercial Affiliates of Northwest Indiana: Your Commercial Investment Property Brokerage  If you are interested in commercial investment property in the Northwest Indiana area, Commercial Affiliates, LLC can help. We are here to help small groups or individual investors to locate viable commercial property most often within the $500k to $10 million range. Our reputation as an excellent commercial real estate company is well earned, because we take great care of our clients and spend just as much time with a new investor as we do our long-term investment companies. In fact, we are proud to be Northwest Indiana's only first-time investor specialist group. Our clientele is primarily out-of-town individuals and small groups interested in taking advantage of Northwest Indiana's commercial real estate investment environment, which routinely realizes 7 to 10 percent cap rates. Finding Commercial Investment Property in Northwest Indiana Commercial real estate buying and selling has many aspects about it that are unique to other real estate transactions. In order to avoid any problems or issues, it's a good idea to involve a commercial investment real estate agency with experience in exactly this area. Let Commercial Affiliates, LLC help you deal with every step of the transaction, from navigating tax laws and rent codes to securing financing and explaining industry customs. We'll make the process simple so you don't have to worry about anything. With our expertise in the market, we can provide the best information and the soundest advice on commercial investment property in Northwest Indiana. We have experience in all kinds of investment properties, from single-family homes to office buildings, medical centers, strip malls, apartment buildings and even vacant land. Northwest Indiana has plenty of commercial investment opportunities available, with a dedicated team ready to serve you and get you the best deal in town. When it comes to working with clients on commercial investment properties, you can feel good knowing that Commercial Affiliates of Northwest Indiana is working hard on your behalf.  The Process to Invest in Commercial Real Estate: Meet and Analyze Buyer's Needs  Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first time investor, there's something important to be said about having the right commercial real estate company backing you up every step of the way. We specialize in Northwest Indiana commercial real estate investment and have a proven track record of success.  We also specialize in representing clients who are out of town. Many of these investors don't ever visit Northwest Indiana, but invest in property as parts of small groups or as investors just getting started. These clients usually invest anywhere from $500k to up to $10 million into Northwest Indiana commercial real estate, and want someone who knows the area, the market and will be comfortable in giving advice on commercial real estate investments. The first step is a buyer assessment that can be conducted via telephone or in person. We'll work with you to clarify your goals, both short term and long term for the property. This initial conversation will also let us know about your experience in commercial investment properties so that we can provide you with exactly the level of information that you need to make intelligent choices. We have marketing experience that can help you reach your goals, and whether you are a beginning investor or a seasoned professional, we'll be able to tailor our service to your needs. We're looking forward to building a long-term relationship with you and presenting you with new properties to increase your business and expand your commercial real estate investment portfolio. Match to Current Marketplace We are plugged in to the most current local, regional and national information centers when it comes to commercial real estate in the Northwest Indiana area. From medical centers to multifamily properties, we can get the most current and comprehensive market data. Sources such as Costar, Loop Net, Real Capital Analytics and the Northwest Indiana MLS give us unlimited access to the properties available in Northwest Indiana and the surrounding area. This means we can present a list to you of properties that best match your investment goals. Co-Evaluations and Pair down of Matching Properties Because we are so familiar with the commercial real estate market in the Northwest Indiana area, we can prepare a comprehensive report on qualifying properties. We'll get the rent rolls, comparable sales reports, profit and loss statements and check out the cash flow of a property to help you evaluate the true market value. We'll also carry out any auditing on leases to verify income and expenses. Each location gets a personal visit from our talented staff, where they evaluate the physical property and check out all structures and property to get an up to date maintenance and repair list. Finally, we'll bring in demographics information that reveals income levels, area population and daily traffic counts. All this information is brought together to help you make the best decisions possible when looking for commercial real estate investment properties. Identify Top 3 Prospects Working together, we'll present to you the top three properties that best meet your needs as outlined to us. We'll closely match the properties and give you updates on marketing information as it emerges. We know that competition is fierce and that timing is important, so we'll waste no time in getting the information in front of you. Assist in Securing Financing Through our vast networking resources, we'll call on three of Chicago area largest commercial mortgage brokers. They are always happy to provide our investors with a variety of finance options and they are some of the most respected financial lenders in the business. Don't bother with a general phone number when we can give you direct lines to the decision-makers. Whether you want to pay in cash or get financing, our connections in the commercial investment real estate world are ready to go to work for you. Write a Letter of Intent When negotiations begin on a commercial property, the letter of intent is the focus of discussions. This two-page document states your intentions on purchasing the property and outlines the price, terms, timeframe, contingencies and any other unique features of the transaction. We have experience in wording strong LOI's, and we're familiar with the language of finance and real estate to make the offer clear and direct. Drafting and presenting an LOI can be a tricky part of this phase, but we are ready to lend you our years of experience in helping you draw one up. We realize that an LOI should be strongly worded and indicate that you are a serious buyer with the means to complete the deal. When every party is in agreement upon the letter's terms, we can draft the formal purchase contract for you and move to the discovery process. Discovery Process and Due Diligence Before the contract can be accepted, there is a 30- to 90-day period of discovery. This allows appropriate inspections, tests and surveys to be done to ensure that the property is accurately represented to the buyer. It should be the time for experts to evaluate the property and verify that the commercial investment property is exactly what its supposed to be. We can put you in touch with the professionals who can inspect and evaluate the property, including structural engineering firms and inspectors. It's wise to have these inspections done so that any defects are noted and any repairs are addressed before any contracts are signed. Some of the events and inspections that transpire during this phase are the verification of zoning and permitted usage, title search, tax verification, survey, environmental testing, future use analysis, identifying unused or unutilized space and lifting all contingencies once the process is complete. Let us minimize stress and anxiety by managing the discovery process for you. We'll schedule people, manage their time and oversee the whole discovery process from start to finish. There are many complicated technical and legal aspects of this phase, so let us help you cut through the confusion and make things simple and straightforward. Closing the Deal When you've worked closely with us throughout the process, closing should be a piece of cake. You can trust that our closing attorney has personally reviewed all the documentation is correct and that all the inspections, surveys and tests are in place. We'll ensure that the seller has provided all the necessary documents to complete the transaction, such as copies of leases, original loan documents, warranties, contracts in force, maintenance agreements and accounting history. There is no need to worry about leases and contracts not remaining in force, because we'll pay attention to ensure that it happens. Let Commercial Affiliates of Northwest Indiana prove why we are the best in the business and why our clients continually return to use our services. We'll make sure that the closing is as hassle-free as possible, and clients can either attend the closing or choose to proceed with a mail-away closing. Communication is key and we pride ourselves on keeping our clients up to date on every aspect of the transaction. We want to establish a long-term relationship with you and become your exclusive source for information on commercial investments properties in Northwest Indiana. In-House Property Management Don't allow our relationship to end after the closing. Instead, use Commercial Affiliates of Northwest Indiana for your property management needs. We can address every aspect of managing a commercial rental property, from automated rent collection, maintenance, tenant relations and retention and lease negotiation. Our property management division is experienced with retail centers, medical offices, business condos, apartment complexes and industrial property. We have many clients who use us for their Northwest Indiana property management needs, and are extremely pleased at the level of service that we offer. We focus on maximizing value and cash flow while evaluating risks and assess where we can save you money and increase efficiency. Trust us for your property management needs. Annual Property Analysis Provided with Tax Returns You can count on us to provide all the documentation you need to constantly evaluate how your property is performing. We prepare an extensive property analysis report that includes all income and expenses, upgrades, recent sales of comparable properties, available investment opportunities similar to your property, photographed property condition report and recommendations for any future repairs or expansions. This report will be delivered to you with your annual tax returns. Future Recommendations on When to Sell, Reinvest, 1031, Purchase As your commercial real estate investment partner, we are aware that you may want to sell or reinvest your commercial property. Traditionally, investment clients want to diversify, reinvest, build or liquidate their portfolio for various investment strategies. We are always on the lookout for investment opportunities that will further advance your investment goals. We'll keep monitoring the best times to buy, diversify and sell. We'll also keep you up to date on market trends for the Northwest Indiana area. We are completely familiar with the popular reinvestment vehicle known as the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. It allows you to reinvest the entire proceeds of a sale without realizing the tax burden at the time of sale. It's not that simple, however, and successfully filing for the1031 exchange can be frustrating if you don't know exactly what you are doing. We can help you navigate the strict rules and criteria in order to complete the 1031 tax deferred exchange. We've worked successfully with many clients on similar tax deferred exchanges and we are ready to use our skills to benefit you as well. We utilize real estate attorneys that have specialized experience with these kinds of exchanges and can make the 1031 an excellent tool to use in your investment portfolio.  info@commercialaffiliates.com        



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