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My work is very important to me. Graphics are my passion which, after careful analysis and several trips to the psychiatrist, is definitely the reason why I'm constantly reading about and practicing new design techniques that make stuff look pretty. It is because of this passion that I am driven to make up cliche's like, "I am striving to make the world a better place, one pixel at a time." and put them on my website for everyone to chuckle at. Anyways, I'm getting a bit off-topic here. What I really want out of this life is to spread the delicious graphical love that was bestowed upon me by the evil genetic scientists who created me.




I believe in a future where technology and people can interact without any ambiguities. It is my wish to provide in the need for great and innovative applications and websites, while nourishing the product and company I love with quality interaction and visual interface design for countless years to come. I just hope that I can accomplish everything before the machines take over...



Former Visual Designer at I design websites and iPhone apps, play Street Fighter, love ferrets, drive a Miata, live/breathe the New York Jets, and evangelize Mac OS X.