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Creative Contacting is your team of Virtual Assistants. A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly skilled, professional, independent contractor who provides administrative and creative services to businesses and individuals anywhere in the world on an as-needed basis, from an off-site location, using the high-technology tools of today. Assignments are typically communicated through email and regular mail and by fax and phone. Virtual assistants are only paid for the actual time worked, and clients eliminate the expense of providing office space, furniture, equipment, office supplies, and employee benefits.

Virtual assistants are the ideal, alternate staffing solution for emerging small businesses and for companies that are downsizing. The way business is conducted today has changed tremendously with the advances in technology. Without adding office equipment or space, and without all the issues associated with hiring employees, small businesses, home-based entrepreneurs, and working professionals can now have expert support when needed.

Unlike the traditional temporary employee from an agency, the VA works directly for and is committed to the client on an ongoing basis. The VA and client develop a collaborative working relationship and, in a sense, they become business partners. All work proudly completed in the USA.

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Thinking about using Social Networking for your business? 

Not keeping in touch with your customers like you should be?

Have you been putting projects on hold with no time to get to them? 


Then Let Us Help...

with our




~ Social Media Marketing ~

Your competitors are using Social Networking, you should be too! 

Start to connect online by using social networking sites to gain the awareness you need to compete. Social networking helps to position your company as a leader in your industry, and when used effectively, social networking can attract new business, prospective employees, and more business awareness. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogs, we'll put the whole package together for you..

 Content on most sites can be indexed and read by major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. This means that users will be able to find your pages when they search for information about you or your business.

This service establishes your brand and your titles in traditional and nontraditional online outlets, which increases your potential viral impact.

An opportunity to reach new customers is created. This means that you may reach an entirely different group in the online world than you would through other channels and potentially increasing your overall sales. 


~ Email Marketing ~

Stay in front of your customers to keep those relationships strong!

Build stronger relationships with your customers and members with email marketing. Use email blasts to: generate new and/or repeat sales, keep your name in front of your customers and leads, gain feedback, drive traffic to your website, and give customers a sense of loyalty. Professional E-Mail blasts with tracking abilities lets you know if and when your email was read and what got your readers attention.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.

We can put it to work for you