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Get to Know Matthew Wierzbinski is a unique website of great value to the public seeking credit repair information and help. I was a mortgage broker for many years and often found people in need of real credit repair advice and help. I wanted my customers to keep their money to use for the mortgage or for their down payment rather than spending that money on credit repair. And, too often, the buyer could be credit worthy with credit repair, but really didn't have an extra $600 - $1500 to spend on credit repair. 

The obvious solution was to help them help themselves. This was time consuming however. Even with different services that I used. So, is the result of a couple years of thought and building. 

The goal of the site is to provide a valuable service to both consumers and professionals. Consumers have free limited use of the site. Professionals can get access to the site for a fee and they can help more customers per year than they have time to help (7000 customers per year with one account).


As a consumer, you should always attempt credit repair on your own before visiting with a credit repair company. makes this easy. 

As a professional, you should give your customer a way to repair their credit on their own first so that they can afford the house or the loan after the credit repair is completed. More often than not, the CreditBlossom system will get your customer where they need to be so they can get a loan.

format_quote is a free website for consumers nationwide. It offers free credit repair instructional videos and free credit repair software (no download required).