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Simply Smarter Mortgage Planning. Purchase & Refinance. I’ve helped 543+ families (so far) reach their goals since 2002. Great rates & programs. Cash for any reason. Focused on your greatest benefit

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I will provide you with knowledge, so that even if you should decide not to work with me, you will know enough so you won't be fleeced by some one else. There are a lot of loan officers out there. Very few will put your interests ahead of their own. Face it if it's not worthwhile for them, why would they spend their time? They would if it was simply the right thing to do. They would if they were as interested as much in your future as they are in their own. Work with the person who will put you first. Who returns your calls in minutes. Who keeps you, your attorney, your realtor informed of your loan's status and who will be there with you at the closing table to show you that what I promised is what I delivered.

When you give your life, your future, over into someone's hands, you want them to be trustworthy, focused on your best interest and bottom line and easy to work with. Doesn't sound so extraordinary, does it? In addition to being a licensed loan officer here in Illinois, and having earned my MBA while employed full time, I spent almost a decade working in social services helping families. So what. This means that I come into this business, and into your life, with very unique focus and attitude.

My focus is on helping you. My goal is to meet your needs as you see them - not as I would wish them to be. I will offer you options to help you get the mortgage that best fits your life goals and financial plans. If there is a less expensive option for you, I will find it. If there is a no money down option, I will present it to you. If there is a no closing cost option, I will show you that as well. I will show you the programs with any and all positives and negatives laid out before you, so you will not be confused. Most importantly, I will hold nothing back. I will provide you with all the information there is, so you can make a decision based on complete information. If there's bad news, you will know immediately. If there are changes, you'll know as soon as I do. NO surprises at the closing table - EVER.

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1st time buyers are my prime market. I specialize in making the process quick and as stress free as a home purchase can ever be - it is, after all, a very big decision. 

I have tremendous experience in providing mortgage solutions for people with imperfect credit and those with great credit too. I have helped hundred's of families with home purchases and refinancing. I specialize in solutions for people whose needs are unique. Spotty credit, I'll work with you to repair your credit sufficiently to qualify for a mortgage. Self employed, you can't run over to your local banker, you need someone with some serious depth on the bench. That's why I work with over 70 lenders and banks to help you obtain the best solution.