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Cynthia Wickens
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Get to Know Cynthia Wickens

Cynthia had the benefit of being "immersed" into the mortgage industry by joining a high-volume brokerage when she first started out.  She soon found that this training was not the norm in the business and she quickly gained the respect of the underwriters that she worked with in the lender offices (even helping to train their new employees) as well as her customers and referral sources.  She also began to recognize areas that could be improved upon and set out to systematize processes and simplify concepts so that she could more effectively and efficiently communicate with her customers and referral sources.

Cynthia brings her strong customer service background to the mortgage industry. She consistently applies her understanding of excellent customer service to each and every client interaction that she has and has had the pleasure of receiving wonderful feedback from clients and referral sources alike.  She also has had the pleasure of helping her first brokerage become a finalist for the Merix Financial Best Customer Service Award 2008 and is thrilled to have added to their success.

Cynthia is working as an independent mortgage professional with Quantus Mortgage Solutions.  Quantus is a relatively new name in the mortgage broker industry, however, it is made up of many 'old faces'. We're a team of full-time, experienced mortgage associates who have been in the industry for many years and are determined to stay focused on the job of servicing the customer and demonstrating that excellent service makes the difference.

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Cynthia's focus is the customer.  To break that down even more, she feels that the customer deserves an answer to the questions: Why? How? When? Etc...

Many customers come to a broker after being turned down by their bank.  No one at the bank told them WHY they were declined.  Nor were they told HOW to fix the problem.  Or WHERE to start.  This could be said about someone whose credit score has been damaged.  Did anyone explain this to the borrower?  Do they know what to do about it? f they call Cynthia, they will know.  Information is power and Cynthia believes that everyone should be empowered to understand and control their own finances.  Her customers make informed decisions and that's why they are so happy with her services. They feel respected and valued.  Who doesn't want that? 

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Accredited Mortgage Professional Passionate about what I do and how it's done! I work to provide mortgage solutions with service and expertise that makes a difference.