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Dan Beck, President of Consumer Credit Education and Restoration company Credit Management Specialists and President of The Beck Group.Dan is a certified expert in the areas of credit scoring education and credit restoration. Dan has served as an expert witness/legal consultant for those involved in credit litigation. Dan graduated with a degree in business finance from Northern Colorado University. After spending 7 years working as a mortgage loan consultant Dan founded and started Credit Management Specialists, this company teaches credit scoring education and performs credit restoration for clients. Credit Management Specialists is now in its 4th your of operation. Relevant Experience at Lighthouse Lending- Lighthouse Lending LLC is a mortgage broker company.While here Dan took mortgage applications, originated mortgages, structured loans and reviewed consumer credit reports. During his time here Dan reviewed over 2,500 consumer credit reports and over 7,500 FICO scores. Along with the team he worked with they closed roughly 1,500 mortgage transactions. Dan worked with underwriters, Realtors, Title Companies and consumers during the transaction and is well versed on the topic of consumer credit. Relevant Experience at Credit Management Specialists- has reviewed roughly 1500 credit reports, teaches credit scoring basics to clients, evaluates changes in credit reports, is a consultant to several mortgage companies and banks on how to help clients improve their credit scores and works with consumers to help them rebuild or improve their credit scores, also works with collection companies to negotiate settlements on consumers’ collection accounts. In his hometown of Greeley, Colorado Dan has taught credit scoring classes at his local church.He has been featured on radio and performs credit education seminars to loan officers, realtors, insurance agents, banks, car dealers, attorneys, Home Owners Associations and consumers among others. Dan regularly writes credit education newsletters and routinely contributes content to a local newsletter for Real Estate agents, Loan Officers and Title Companies. He also has done regional seminars for Insurance Agencies. Dan is also the Author of Revealed;The Truth About Credit, Insiders Secret to Credit Repair, 7 Things you must do After Bankruptcy, 5 Questions you Must ask Before Paying a Collection.


Dan is a certified credit scoring expert, author, consultant, public speaker and serves as an expert witness in lawsuits involving credit damages.