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87% of Home Searches now begin on the Internet. This blog shows you how I can get your home to the front of ALL the major Search Engines. Call me at 604-764-9353 to help you SELL your home fast.

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Vancouver, B.C., Canada is always rated amongst the top 10 most desirable cities in the world to live in !!! Real Estate in West Vancouver is pricey by comparison to most parts of Canada. Obviously, there are good reasons why this is the case.        

We have the mildest climate in Canada. The scenery is AWESOME. In fact, a friend of mine was entertaining his brother who lives overseas and after returning from a visit to the world famous ski resort of Whistler and venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics, he asked his brother Tom, what he thought of "our home". His brother was quiet for a while and thought about the question. His answer was classic: "when God made the earth" he said: "I think he was a bit too generous with British Columbia" !!!


So, if you want to make this wonderful place your home, let me help you find that home for you !!!   

Professionalism that stretches from the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island, Dane Human offers the very best in Real Estate service.


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I LOVE MY JOB !!! As a former Airline pilot I was so priviliged to have a job that I thoroughly enjoyed doing for so many years. Every time I went to work, it was never the same... it was like I was being invited to play "a round of golf".

Now as A REALTOR, I have found another career which is equally as stimulating and exciting. I am meeting new people all the time. I am constantly visiting homes and enrichening myself. This knowledge is passed on to you, my client. 

Why did I choose REALTY as a second career?  I personally built my own home and over the years have bought, sold and renovated many homes. I am presently involved in a 7 Unit Townhouse Development incorporating novel design ideas, concepts and energy saving materials, so becoming a Realtor was a natural progression of my love for property. 

Let ... my expertise and experience benefit you when you buy or sell a home. I will gladly share ideas with you on how to improve, renovate, or add-on to your house to maximise YOUR OWN "profit potential".

Let ... my strong negotiating skills keep your money in your pocket.

Let ... me assist you to make "your home" a comfortable, welcoming place to spend your "leisure time".


Many years of building experience, enable me to give you constructive advice when it comes to buying your new home or selling your old house.

Testimonials for Dane Human

  • Richard Horsfall

    The recent successful sale of our family home in West Vancouver was in large measure due to the professionalism and expertise that Dane Human our Realtor brought to bear. Dane’s considerable knowledge and experience of home building and construction came to the front and he saved us thousands of dollars as he addressed the specific concerns the purchaser had in respect of our unique house. He demonstrated his flair for negotiation in bringing the contract to a close. Attention to detail, patience and skill are his hallmark

  • B. Bennett

    My wife and I bought our first home together in North Vancouver with the help of Dane. As we arrived to pick up the keys we saw Dane mowing the lawn. We asked him why he was mowing the lawn and he said; “the Sellers ran out of time and were in a hurry to leave so when I saw the lawn was unkempt I went and rented a lawnmower so you guys wouldn't come to your new home and see the long grass”. Not to mention that Shepards pie that you provided at the Open House; very attentive and "Human".
    Bruce and Aleta

  • Andrea Harmer

    "My husband and I are on a Contract in Dubai. We wanted to buy a property in West Vancouver so that when we returned, we would have "our own special home" to come back to. We asked Dane to start looking for us. He tirelessly reviewed properties for us until he found houses that were suitable for our family. He was surprisingly forthright in telling us what he felt was a good investment, and we really appreciated this input since we have been out the market, and overseas for many years. After putting in 3 different Offers, we secured "that very special home" in Olde Caulfeild -Tiddley Cove with a super water view. We bought this 1.5 million dollar home without seeing it ourselves. The location reminds us of an English village setting. We are "so delighted and happy", we now really look forward to coming home. We were really impressed with Dane's reliability and professionalism. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Dane Human and we plan on using his real estate expertise again in the future,
    Andrea & Evan B.

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