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D&L Administrative Services offers a wide range of services. Within the 15 years, I've worked for a vast array of businesses ranging from Stock Brokers, Financial Advisors, Wholesalers, Real Estate Agents and many more. I am a very motivated individual with a strong work ethic and advanced professional skills. I have worked for years in positions dealing with high levels of confidentiality and matters of privacy. Not only am I good with working anonymously, but I also have great experience in customer service and effective communication skills. My wide and varied skill set includes, but not limited to doing administrative work, data entry, researching, dispatching, customer service, virtual assistance and much more.

D&L Administrative Services was created to provide "Virtual" Administrative and Personal Services to entrepreneurs, individuals, small businesses and other professionals. I offer professional services for those who are unable to handle their current workload or are in need of someone to manage projects that they are unable to accomplish with their busy schedules. I provide exceptional high quality work in a timely and cost efficient manner. . I am here to assist with any administrative needs. Flexible schedule in order to meet the needs of individual projects. Guarantee of quick turnaround time. There are always fast and accurate services from D&L Administrative Services and I work within strict deadlines. We specialize in data entry, finding tenants for rental properties, fisdesktop, MLS sites, ACT, mailing lists, excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, transcription, word processing, virtual assisting, various types of research, as well as other administrative needs.


My experience with BPO's is over 7 years and I've worked with several agents across multiple states. I am skilled in completing BPO orders from over 35 different sites. My objective is to help the agents maximize their profit by concentrating on the core of their business and allowing me to handle the administrative task and I'm looking to expand my client base.

I have excellent customer service, data entry, computer and administrative skills. I am available and willing to work hard for you around the clock. My turn-around time is usually with-in 24 hours. If for any reason I'm unable to complete an order within 24 hours, I will give you appropriate notice. Additionally, I am always available to do rush orders on demand; meaning if order is required for processing within one to two hours, I will accommodate the request. I'm able to handle most work load, 1-12 orders per day if necessary.

I also site on different BPO company sites to catch or accept orders that are waiting to be accepted. I also do exterior drive by's and interior photo's of properties as well if you are in need of that service.

I have a vast knowledge of the BPO entry sites and find the majority of information are similar across the board, this allows me to maneuver around them with relative ease.

If you are in need of a Virtual Administrative Assistant or BPO Assistant, Please don't hesitate to contact me.



Assisting You Virtually, Allowing You to Focus More of Your Time and Effort's To Improve your Business" "You can count on me to save you...time and money"!


Expert Administrative Services from Data Entry, Researching, Dispatching, Customer Service, Virtual Assistance and more, allowing you to focus more of your time and effort's to improve your business.