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Do you have a concern in your home or office? Do you suspect mold but just are not sure? Send us a sample to have tested for only $99.00 www.ExecutiveRestoration.com

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My name is David Snell and I own a company called Executive Restoration, LLC




Executive Restoration is a mold, fire and water damage repair specialist and restoration. Snell Experts is a national directory of Realtors, home inspectors, home repair specialists, agents, appraisers, lenders, home cleaning, pest inspections, sewer and electrical professionals and just about anything else pertaining to a home, buying or selling real estate and property repair.

Why should someone give us the opportunity to serve them?

1. Executive Restoration has been in business since 1987. 2. Executive Restoration is licensed. 3. Executive Restoration is insured. 4. I am also a certified mold inspector for commercial and residential properties as well as a certified mold remediator. 5. We really know our stuff when it comes down to water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, crime scene clean up structural dry outs, water extractions, we offer painting, sheet rock repair as well as handy man services as well. 6. Executive Restoration has excellent reviews with Google and Yahoo and we have an A+ rating the Better Business Bureau. 7. Executive Restoration is passionate about what we do to help others. 8. Executive Restoration has just implemented our new reach out program that helps folks. This means that if a family does not have the money to spend for an emergency such as a water damage or mold clean up job and they are willing to work a trade of services for some thing we could use or some products then we do what we can to help them. 9. What sets Executive Restoration apart from other restoration companies? We are very personal and we stay in touch with our clients by either phone, email or in person on a daily basis so the client knows that we care about them and what they are going through. 10. Executive Restoration also owns a nationwide directory called Snell Experts to help the small business man and woman get more leads. I did this because of the many phone calls that I get on a daily basis from those who would tell me that their business was not doing well. So, I paid to have a directory created that everyone could afford. Please check out our directory at: www.snellexperts.com

11. I love what I do and Executive Restoration would love the opportunity to serve you as well.


To contact us:

You can email me at: inspectordavidsnell@yahoo.com

Furthermore, If you want to know more about us, please look us up on Google. We also encourage you to check out our websites. Again, if you have any questions at all, please call us. We have been in business since 1987, only because of you!  

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Who We Are:

Executive Restoration has the ability to tell what is going on behind your walls before you buy a house. We can tell you what is in your air, or wh


at is it that is growing on your walls or the house that you would like to buy. We also perform moisture level readings to determine if the crawl space is wet and needs to be dried out.

The reason that a Realtor should want us is because w

e are an honorable company and because we take pride in what we do. Executive Restoration is owned by David Snell and I believe in always being honorable and always taking the high road. So, here is my question to all Realtors. Do you want a company such as Executive Restoration to come in and be totally truthful and write out what needs to be done with our recommendations and suggestions? Are you looking to help your client make an excellent choice in buying a home with minimal problems?

I am not a home inspector! I am a certified mold inspector!

I am a certified mold inspector and mold rem

ediator. I do not believe that a certified mold inspector should also be a home inspector because of a conflict of interest.

I also believe that all Realtors should suggest to their clients that they have the following performed before they close on a house.

1. A home inspection by some one who has at least 5 years of experience.


2. A certified mold inspection who has been in th

e business of water damage and mold remediation for at least 5 years. 3. A termite inspection.

I am not trying to step on anyone's toes in here but I want what is best for our clients as I am sure you probably do as well.





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Executive Restoration LLC Mold Inspections Charlotte Got Mold In North Carolina? Water Damage Charlotte N.C. Infrared Scan Charlotte N.C. Snell Tree Experts Mold Damage Repair Fire Damage Repair Water Damage Repair Home Service Directory Home Inspections



Executive Restoration LLC has been in business since 1987.

E.R. has an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau of Charlotte North Carolina.

E.R was chosen of company of the year, with www.Alignable.com

E.R. has a Face Book page titled Executive Restoration LLC.

E.R. is very active on a Face Book group titled, Networking with a passion!

David Snell is the owner of Executive Restoration LLC and he will personally talk to you on the phone to assist you.

David Snell is a certified mold inspector for residiental homes.

David Snell is a certified mold inspector for commercial properties.

David Snell is a certified mold remediator for commercial and residiential properties

David Snell with Executive Restoration LLC has been in books and magazines as well as seen on Fox News, NBC News as well as ABC News and has been heard on the radio numerous times.

David Snell loves networking and helping others understand there mold issues and gets results for your home or business.

Executive Restoration LLC is licensed and insured.

David Snell is most passionate about mold and mold inspections as well as identifying what your home or building needs to take care of your issue or concern.

704-905-9152  You can call me or text me on this phone number as well as do a voice mail which will go from your voice to text on my cell phone.  I love to listen to others as well as provide feed back on how I can help you and others.


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