Heather Anderson (Keller Williams Westfield)

4318 W Blackshear Dr

South Jordan , UT 84095

"When it comes to Daybreak, rely on the agent who lives here." I have been a Realtor and a mortgage specialist since 2001. I have a huge passion for Real Estate and taking care of my clients.

Get to know Heather Anderson

I have been a Realtor and a Mortgage Specialist since 2001.  I have a huge passion for Real Estate and taking care of my clients.  I have learned over many years how to do this business and be successful for myself and my clients.  I work for you.  Together we can make dreams happen.

  I live and raise my family in Daybreak.  We love this community.  Daybreak has so much to offer and such a vision for the future.  We have 5 children, attending High School, Middle School and East Lake Elementary inside Daybreak.  Our family loves the amenities of Daybreak and the joy of being a part of such a great neighborhood.

I am extememly knowledgable of Daybreak and what Daybreak's future holds.  I know all the builders, and the models they offer.  I will represent your BEST INTEREST in purchasing one of Daybreak's homebuilder's homes, or the purchasing of one of the existing homes inside Daybreak. 

If you are looking to sell your home inside Daybreak, no one is better for the job.  I market extensively to find you a buyer for your home.  I will inform you of what is going on with the recent sells in Daybreak and the market. We will list your home at the price it will sell, and keeping the most money in your pocket.  I will keep you informed the entire process.  I have unique marketing strategies that make me and your house stand out from the rest.

"When it comes to Daybreak, rely on the agent who lives here!"


"Most agents in Real Estate think they are selling houses.  That's not what we do.  Successful agents are actually engaged in supporting people in making their own decisions around their Real Estate needs.  A successful career as an agent is not really about selling, it's about establishing relationships that are mutually beneficial."

What does an agent do for a buyer?  An agent is here to look after YOUR best interest.  Having a Realtor representing you as a buyer does not cost you any money.  This fee comes from the sellers side. 

When you are walking around from model home to model home, the agent inside the builders model who is working for the builder is trying to sell you their product.  Most builders are looking out for THEIR best interest.  This can be a bit scary for a buyer.  "How do I know I am being represented in my best interest and getting the best home for my money?"

Because you are working with me!  I represent YOU.  We can make an offer on any home, or with any builder.  I would like to look at every option with you. I will sit down with you and your family and actually find out what you are looking for.  We will look at all the builders, all their models, every option, every price and location.  We will look at all the existing homes available.  Where do you want to live?  What is important to you?  What does the home you have pictured yourself living in look like?  Do you have children?  How old are your children?  There are a lot of questions and things to take into consideration when making your biggest purchase ever.  This is YOUR home.

I want your home buying experience to be perfect.  I will inform you of the contract details,  explain what everything says and means, and make sure you fully understand. We will meet all your deadlines, make sure your financing is put in place, answer all your questions, and I will be there with you at your closing and settlement date. I will be your agent, your friend and hopefully your neighbor.

Because I live in Daybreak, I can help answer any questions you may have about our neighborhood, what's happening next in Daybreak, and what does our family and  our children enjoy.

Let's sit down in my Daybreak home and look over all your options and make your dreams come true!