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We stock our website daily with rare items that are in demand and normally very hard to obtain throughout the world. If you have every tried to buy something authentic from Ireland, you were most likely paying twice as much and had to wait weeks to receive your items.We are able to obtain authentic goods even at a lower price than if you lived in Ireland due to VAT taxes. Shipping from Ireland has never been cheaper and averages 15% of the total cost of your order. This includes all the additional charges such as customs, and declaring items. You can also appreciate that every single item in our store is handmade in Ireland.

There are no surprises when you get your products and read the tags. In the past, nothing annoyed me more than paying twice as much for an item only to find out it was made in China and “shipped” from Ireland. Authenticity is not just a goal of ours; it is why we created this company and why our repeat customers come back to us as they know we deliver fine quality or nothing at all. Focused on providing unique Irish gifts, we have mastered every element in order for you to obtain that gift fast and at a great price. We buy directly from Ireland artists, saving you more than 30% on each item in our shop. Additionally, we are a United States based company and are not required to pay VAT taxes, which save you another 21.5% respectively.

We have formed great relationships with ubiquitous companies such as Louis Mulcahy, Tara Candles, Mullingar Pewter, Tipperary Crystal, and many more. All of the artists are very popular throughout the world and we are especially proud to have relationships with them.  Some of these artists only supply to five other shops in the world, and are on a very limited supply.  

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