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Amerisave's Upfront Mortgage Lender (UML) certification is a rare award. There are only five Lenders in the United States that has this certification. It assures customers fair treatment in all dealings, accurate interest rate and closing cost quote any and everytime you or your client deals with Amerisave.

There are six requirements that must be met at all times to keep this certification.

Requirement 1... A UML Must Provide Quick Access to the Market Niches it Prices On-Line.

The home loan market is divided into millions of market niches and no one lender serves them all.

Your client will determine whether a particular lender prices the niche in which that customer lives If not, the customer can go elsewhere without wasting time.

Requirement 2... A UML discloses all lender fees, including points, origination fees, and any fixed-dollar fees, and guarantees them to closing.

Amerisave introduces a straightforward approach to home financing with our new SureFee product. SureFee provides you or your client with the security of knowing that the lender fees on your loan are guaranteed not to change throughout the loan process.

Price information is complete No new fees won't be added No, Existing Fees Increased, Once Committed To A Lender.

Requirement 3...A UML discloses all third party fees with the best estimates possible, indicating which if any are guaranteed by the UML.

Requirement 4...A UML Provides a Clear Explanation of its Lock Requirements.

Mortgage customers need to know when they have the discretion to lock the terms of the loan. The explanation includes any required payments, processes that must be completed, how expired locks are handled, and whether the borrower and the UML are committed.

Requirement 5...A UML discloses all the information about its ARMs' needed by customers to make intelligent decisions.

Customers need information on potential ARM performance - what will happen to the interest rate and mortgage payment under assumptions about future interest rates that make sense to the customer.

Amerisave discloses the index and margin used, as well as the interest rate caps, on all ARM's we offer. Simply search rates and click on "view" under "loan details" for the loan program and interest rate in which you are interested.

Requirement 6...A UML informs borrowers if its loan officers are compensated in a way that gives them a financial incentive to overcharge the borrower.

Loan officers often benefit financially if they can induce the borrower to pay more than the prices posted by the lender or broker. Where this is the case, the borrower ought to know about it.

Lowest Rate and Fee Backed With A $500 Guarantee

Amerisave guarantees that the combination of the total closing cost + the interest rate will provide you with the lowest cost mortgage possible. If not, we will pay borrower $500!

Independent Third Party Lowest Price Verification 

Amerisave shops the rates of our competitors everyday to ensure our customers are getting the best rates and lowest fees. This saves our customers time and money.

$1000 On Time Close Guarantee

Amerisave strict third party provider selection criteria, use of sophisticated loan processing technology, and well-trained loan processing staff allow us to close loans on time


AmeriSave is one of the nation's leading and fastest-growing retail mortgage companies, serving customers in all 50 states and DC. Amerisave currently employs over 300 mortgage professionals and has funded over $6 billion.

Amerisave is a direct lender selling loans directly to Wall Street, which means you have access to the best possible rates and pricing. We do all types of loans; prime, government and sub prime; more products, means more sales. Amerisave has a solid reputation and is one of only 5 certified UpFront Mortgage Lenders.


Hundreds Of Loan Options In Just One Click: Instant Personalized Rate Quote Online, $500 Lowest Rate & Closing Cost Guarantee, $1000 On Time Close Guarantee, Guaranteed Lender Fees - Up Front!