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Many Americans are falling victim to bad credit, debt, and foreclosures.

According to Forbes- “One out of every 639 homes in the U.S. are now distressed.”

With these types of numbers, people are becoming desperate. When people become desperate they fall victim to financial predators, who claim to be able to; fix their credit, settle their debt, or provide foreclosure prevention services.

What people fail to realize is that whatever these companies claim they can do….You can do for yourself practically FREE.

It is my mission to provide information and tools that can help Americans become economically FREE, and financially independent.

“Why pay someone hundreds or even thousands of dollars, when you can do the same thing for yourself practically FREE? ”

Website: http://www.quincywade.webs.com


Hello Everyone,       My name is Quincy Wade and I have been in the banking industry for over 11 years and served in multiple capacities (Special Assets Adjuster, Personal Banker, Loan Officer, Assistant Branch Manager, Credit Analyst, and Branch Manager).  Within my career I have seen many of my clients go through various hardships throughout these tough economic times.  To make things worse I have seen many of my clients fall victim to people who claimed that they could repair their credit or modify their mortgage at a cost ranging from $500-$3,000, but the only thing that was cleared was their banking account.    I created this website in order to provide FREE and affordable resources that individuals can use in order to help them become economically FREE, and financially Independent. Please feel free to call me at  706.225.9304       if you have any questions. If I can’t answer it, I will find someone that can.
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