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There's nothing wrong with taking your own real estate photos. Just take a look at what other realtors are shooting.

You should also know that the Wall Street Journal says, "At the closing table, listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076.  

It's probably because 90% of home buyers start their search on the internet.

And your potential customers are being bombared by thousands of messages and images each day. Buyers have hundreds of choices on the internet and they are eliminating potential purchases based on a single thumbnail photo.  

Even the Active Rain community feels strongly about the benefits of real estate photography:  

Great Real Estate Photography - A Listing Agent's Responsibility  

The Importance of Good Real Estate Photography  


Do You Have to Hire Professional Photographers?   


NO!   But at least take the time to learn some of the rules and tips to improve you photos.

There is a whole community of photography experts willing to help:  

Photography Groups on ActiveRain - Why Aren't You Subscribing???  

If you're like most real estate professionals, however, you are overworked and live a very hectic lifestyle. You've already spent hours and tons of money into crafting the professional image and client experience that built the success you have thus far.

And here I am telling you to invest time into something else. Well you don't have to. Contact me to discuss what I can do to save you time and boost your online presence.


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