Will Weaver (House Help 101)
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Will Weaver has more than 12 years of real estate experience and is a three-time graduate of Floyd Wickman’s results-getting training systems. For more information, visit www.HouseHelp101.com

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I'm a Realtor in Michigan. I'm also a former Floyd Wickman Speaker/Trainer. I help sellers avoid a foreclosure. I travel across our country teaching my fellow Realtors and conducting F.A.C.T. workshops F.A.C.T. Stands for Foreclosure Avoidance Comprehensive Training how to successfully help their clients.

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My expertise is I help people that are behind or going to be behind in their mortgage payments. Or if they are in Pre-foreclosure. I help them conduct a successful ShortSale.

I also travel the country educating Realtors how to successfully help homeowners avoid a Foreclosure and conduct a successful ShortSales.