Dirk Gould (Dirk A. Gould Realty LLC)

2500 N. Lakeview Ave #1803

Chicago , IL 60614

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I am truly an independent real estate broker; it is just me and three other top-notch agents, each with a unique set of skills. I limit the number of clients that I represent at one time so that I can devote all of my energy to a select few. I have flexibility in the way I conduct business and the commissions I charge, because I am not part of a large company. I chose to include my full name in my company name to demonstrate that I am personally accountable to all of my clients.

I started my career as an attorney. Among other areas of expertise, I represented landlords and tenants in lease disputes and buyers and sellers at residential real estate closings. One of the most important aspects of the residential real estate transaction is the negotiation; a skill I refined during my career as an attorney. This is the area where I distinguish myself from nearly all of the other real estate agents. I also earned a Certified Investor Agent Specialist certification to effectively counsel any buyers and sellers of investment property.



Due to my over 17 years of experience practicing law and owning a real estate brokerage, I anticipate the issues typical in a real estate transaction. There are already too many "cooks in the kitchen" in a standard home sale with the real estate agents, the lawyers, the mortgage brokers, the inspectors, the appraisers and the closing agents. By keeping in constant contact with all parties and making sure that everyone is on the same page, I ease the burden on the buyer or seller. I anticipate problems and steer clear of them to make the transaction seem quite simple.

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