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What is Home Staging?

Home staging is using marketing and decorating techniques that highlight the value of a home.  This ultimately creates an environment that buyers want.  A home becomes a commodity when put on the market.  For a product to successfully sell, it has to be marketed and packaged professionally.

As the president ofThe Stage Coach and Redesigner, Diana is committed to customer satisfaction.    With over twenty years of experience as a senior manager in the corporate environment, her professionalism and skills deliver results. Since 2006, Diana has been staging homes in the Toronto market, successfully assisting home owners to sell their homes quickly and for more money in a competitive environment. The Stage Coach has now relocated to Victoria, BC

Diana combines her vast experience of project management, networking, and organizational skills, with creative and visionary insight.   She is able to reinvent any interior environment through furniture arrangement, accessories, colour coordination wall painting, and decluttering.

When it comes to preparing a property to sell, Diana adds personal charm.  She is able to draw on unique characteristics in a home, creating an environment that home buyers desire.  She is well organized and detail oriented.    

Her team is well trained and works effectively and efficiently with her clients in delivering results in a timely fashion.

The Stage Coach mission is to assist home sellers with a quick, profitable sale.  Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each client.  Choose from a two hour consultation which guides you on how to effectively stage your home, or leverage our professional services to complete a full service home staging exercise. 


                  • The Staging Diva Graduate Home Staging Business Training Program, Toronto, Ontario

                  • Haverhill Institute of Staging and Design,Toronto, Ontario

                  • Bachelor of Arts, Business from Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

                  • Member of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

                  • Member of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association)

To learn more about TheStageCoach or for a personal meeting please contact: diana@thestagecoach.ca or call 250-514-6217 or visit our website www.thestagecoach.ca



TheStage Coach offers multiple services and effective time saving tips for unoccupied and occupied residences.  


We will provide a comprehensive analysis of each room toured and identify unique features and characteristics.  A consultation includes:

          •Site Survey - We will tour your home to assess your individual needs and goals, and assist with staging it for a quick sale.
This assessment will take 2 to 3 hours.

            •Summary - We will review and prioritize any notes and suggestions taken during the tour.

            •Basic Staging Tips - We are pleased to assist with some basic, quick fix staging recommendations.

Consultation and Full Service Action Plan

We will create an action plan that addresses each room.  We will discuss what you will be taking on and what you would like us to do  We will then provide a quote and begin the transformation. Full Service includes: 

             •Eliminating Clutter - We will create an open, spacious environment by eliminating clutter and personal items.

             •Lighting - We will use lighting techniques to highlight the positive features of your home.

             •Colour - We will transform living space with bright, warm colours that will appeal to most buyers.

             •Spacing - We will showcase ample space in rooms and closets.

             •Accessories - We will utilize existing furniture and accessories and, if required, rent or purchase accessories or furniture.

             •Pricing - Pricing will depend on the number of hours required for work to be completed, as well as the time needed and the cost to rent and, or buy accessories

Redesigning to live

We can provide “Redesigning to Live” services for a more organized lifestyle without moving:

             •Redesign one room or the entire house

             •Use your existing furniture and accessories

             •Purchase a few accessories where necessary

             •Decorate to your tastes without the cost of an interior designer

             •Pricing - Pricing will depend on the number of hours required for work to be completed, as well as the time needed and cost to buy      accessories if required

The Stage Coach Advantage . . .


A competitive consultation fee provides you with up to two hours of an on-site inspection of your home, a room-by-room analysis, a summary of suggested improvements and colour schemes for staging requirements and some basic staging tips.   

Improved Investment

Our service will make your house stand out from the others on the market and help to sell your home faster and for more money. 

Sense of Appeal

In order to appeal to the greatest number of potential prospects and orchestrate a plan for a quick, profitable sale, a home needs to be depersonalized.  We create dramatic connections throughout each room so that buyers can visualize themselves living in your house. 


We provide a high standard of leading edge service. We work with realtors, builders and home sellers to help you sell your home faster and for more money.   Choose from a comprehensive consultation proposal in order to stage your home independently or a full service contract. 


The Stage Coach mission is to assist home sellers with a quick, profitable sale. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each client.