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Use this section to write about yourself - don't be shy - Why should a buyer or seller want to work with you? Do you have any certifications and qualifications? What sets you apart from other agents/loan officers?

We treat everyone the same with totally equal respect and attention as the person coming to us for a $5,000 equity loan or the person seeking to get a $5,000,000.00 loan to purchase a large estate home.

We go the extra mile 24/7 to make all customers content and try to please all their needs.

Most brokers give you a stack of forms to fill out that require you to go back to school to figure out how to complete.

We do all the work and take your ap over the phone then type it all out and mail it to the customer to review , then sign.

We never ask for any up front fees so if we do all the work and your loan does not close for any reason the customer owes us ZERO.

Also our fee to close on a loan is probably one of the best out there as we work with the customer and want him or her to refer us to freinds and family so all we save on advertising extremely helps cut our fees to the customer.

Most brokers we met in the business try to retire on their fees charged to the customer on every deal and if a time comes they do not have enough room on the loan to make it happen they decline the loan for any thought up excuse.

This will never happen with doing business with us.

This is a very brief summary as I do not want to turn this page into a commercial since we never do commercials or believe in them as most are the bait and switch game.

The commercial gets the customer to run in their door then weeks later the rate quoted seems to jumped up to reality so by then the customer still stays with them.

This we do not believe in so our business is solely based on customer referrals.


We are a very small personalized company and are looking forward to gaining alot of new customers in 2008.