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Comprehensive knowledge of financing methods, current market conditions and future market trends that enables to advise Borrowers, Lenders and Investors with regard to financing real estate. Single-source solutions for financing income-producing properties and construction projects.Whether you're acquiring assets for your portfolio or retrofitting currently owned properties, our management team will tailor a financing package that meets your objectives.


Financing Residential and Commercial Investment Properties.

Qualifying for multiple mortgage loans is a challenge in today’s rule-intensive lending environment. Cash assets must be artfully allocated for down payments, closing costs and operating reserves. Financing a property is more than obtaining the most amount of money at the lowest cost. Financing individual transactions must be considered in the context of an investor’s entire portfolio. Time and time again borrowers become handcuffed by borrowing certain mortgage financing products for 1 transaction, enter into a second transaction and find that they cannot qualify for financing because of the constraints of the first transaction. “Transactional borrowing” doesn’t benefit an investor in the long-term. Acting strategically has become an integral part of the whole process. We commit to help you succeed financially with your real estate investments. That means more than just supplying low cost financing. We approach a financing request as if the property belongs to us. We analyze its condition, its revenue, its expenses, its profit and its return on investment to determine its value. We consult with you during the due diligence process to ensure that we maintain the focus regarding your objectives.  

Domus Financial Corporation is a real estate financing company.Our experienced management team has been assisting clients for more than 3 decades in facilitating their mortgage borrowing requirements.