Kathryn Farmer (Maximum One Realtors)

Moving or relocating to or from the Dahlonega / North Ga area? we can assist you in locating your perfect dream property. We will guide you through the complete search and purchase process!

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If you are buying: - We represent the you as the buyer on all properties listed by us or any other Broker - We provide in depth analysis of what properties you are looking for in north Georgia - We gather all the information you are looking for; the price range you are desiring, the location of the property, how much acreage, homes or no homes, River Properties, agricultural aspects, community offerings, and nearby recreational opportunities. - We will set up a time to meet you at a convenient place and will spend the necessary days with you to view the properties you have selected. If you are selling we have an extensive marketing program in all possible media: - Websites that market your property - We create professional brochures - We cooperate with all other Brokers - We provide you with a custom made marketing program - We prepare just sold and just listed postcards and distribute them - We offer broker participation from all real estate agents without discounting the amount we offer for a co-broker - Your property is marketed through Norton North Georgia marketing programs. - Your property is viewed by 120 Norton agents and 9 offices in north Georgia. - We network with all the property brokers nationwide.


We represent you in all aspects of negotiations and pre and post closing activities. We find out comparable sales for you to get you the best price for the property that matches the economic environment. We do extensive searches on Properties to match the property with your needs, no matter who has the listing. We will even pre-view the properties and send you photos before you get here. Kathryn & Dale can represent the buyer on all properties listed by them or any other property in north Georgia for sale.

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