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Why Use a General Contractor?

A General Contractor (GC) with building experience can manage your project from start to finish and ensure that the project is done right.  Permits will be pulled, all service providers are insured, and everything is legally legitimate. 


A GC takes the worries off of your shoulders.  Once the scope of the project is determined and signed off, you can sit back and relax while your project is being done.  And you can be assured that everything will be done right. 


With over 25 years of experience in the building industry, Edward Lawton, owner of EJL Contracting, has a complete comprehension of building codes from start to finish. 


You want a contractor with many years of experience in all facets of building.  Would you go to your dermatologist to treat your heart condition?  Sure, back in med school the doc studied the heart.  Well, the same holds true with regard to bringing in a GC for your home improvement project.  You want someone who has done it all, over a long period of time, bringing you the wealth of his knowledge and experience. 


A lot of people desire to put “sweat equity” into their home to save money.  However, often times, we get called in to rectify mistakes made by the inexperienced homeowner, which results in no savings at all and ultimately costs the homeowner more money. 


Home improvements and renovation projects are in and of themselves stressful for the homeowner because there is a disruption to the normal flow of their home.  Homeowners often try to manage the project themselves, but are not clear as to the right schedule.  For example, which comes first, the chicken or the egg, or in our terms, who comes first, the electrician or the drywall?  GC’s know who comes first, and will often get the project completed in half the time, thus saving the homeowner money, time, and stress. 


A few other added benefits to hiring a GC include valued and experienced tradesmen.  A GC has relationships established with all the trades that he needs to complete a project.  Those relationships really come in handy.  You have someone who ensures that you will receive quality service and product.  Speaking of products, GC’s can often secure better pricing for you on products due to their accounts with various building supply companies.


A GC is a must have for your building project.  Let your attorney manage the legal mumbo jumbo, the accountant manage your financials and taxes, the dermatologist manage your skin concerns and your GC manage your home improvement or building project.  You just do whatever it is that you do best, sit back and watch it all unfold before your eyes.  Let Ed Lawton of EJL Contracting make your vision a reality!

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Our services of General Contracting range from small jobs to new home construction and just about everything in between.  We take care of everything inside your walls such as kitchens, baths, flooring, enhancements and much more.  We take care of your exterior from roofing & siding to gutters, landscaping and much more.  We work with realtors to to prepare the house for sale, during the sale and beyond.  We manage all phases of your construction, renovation, and remodeling project, so you don't have to.  You just sit back and watch your vision become a reality! 

Better Homes and Gardens encourages us to link to their site.  We use Better Homes and Gardens as inspiration on a variety of projects.  Feel free to browse our Idea Corner for up to date ideas.