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 Single Working Mothers are a neglected group of people and quickly becoming the largest group of working poor in America. The tools used in years gone-by, i.e.,neighbors, neighborhood child-care homes,family living close by, etc are not always readily accessible. In America we have working mothers/grandmother living in their cars, and dressing themselves and their children in fitness centers, hotel and resturant bathrooms, etc.  Of course we have single Dads doing the same things however, my passion is for Mom/Grandma's.

When our Mothers have housing they are feel safe and secure, regardless of how much money is in the bank or under the mattress. When Mom is secure our children feel better about themselves and excel in school, our neighborhoods are better, safer places to live when our homes thrive.

My goal is that every Single Working Mother Own Their Own Home.  I want them to understand what owning means, how to leverage that home and eventually grow their wealth.


Our plan is education and mentoring. Working Mothers are busy and are often feeling defeated.  We had goals and dreams for ourselves that did not include being single with children and struggling from paycheck to the next week. On the way to accomplishing our dreams, life happened--again and again and again.  Realizing that we are not alone, that we can still provide for our family and enjoy that home with a backyard and swing set takes learning how to dream again and allowing someone to walk beside you. 

Sister ta Systah Ministries is a 501 c 3 that offers Spring and Fall Retreats, workshops and seminars, mentoring and goal setting. We help Women earn extra income while restoring their credit, teach them to change the way they perceive themselves and begin to build financial literacy for themselves and their children.  We teach what the Bible says about ownership and help women explore several options for their future purchase.

Our Next Conference/Spa Retreat will be 14-16 October 2008, Embassy Suites in Palm Desert, CA.  We are working with an awesome team to offer a relaxing yet very productive 3day/ 2 nite opportunity that propel your business and your life. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.


Committed to economic empowerment for women through education, partnerships and homeownership. Goal: Every women own their own home and investment property.