Erik Olufson (Credit-CPR)

6355 N.W. 36th Street, #609

Miami , FL 33166

Credit Restoration/Repair. A- rated with the BBB. Flat rate. 10 years same location. No phony guarentees.

Get to know Erik Olufson

I started Credit-CPR on the premise, don't miss lead, miss guide, miss represent.  This is what I found all the other credit restoration/repair companies that I spoke with do each and every day.  This gives the industry a bad name.  If we can't help someone, rather than give them a story and take their money, I would rather tell them why I can't help them and what they need to do to improve their situation and eventually that person will turn into a client down the road.


I was reasearching the credit world for about a year in the hopes of writing a tell all book.  One thing lead to another and it turned into a thriving business.

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