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As a Native Detroiter with over 15 years of sales experience in the Metro Detroit area, I have gained the vital knowledge and expertise it takes to position, market and close homes, while consistently outperforming my competitors. Particularly in the past five years, my focus has been marketing and selling bank institutionally owned properties. Of the 100+ REO properties we evaluated &/or marketed last year, we managed the repair process & quality control of over 80%. I am proud to say that my team has successfully developed an efficient system to manage such properties, allowing us to provide world class professional service to our clients while consistently superseding time & price expectations. Throughout this process, we place utmost importance on liability control and property preservation.

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 Step One: Understanding real estate investment objectives

A wise man once said: "If you don't know where you want to go, any road will take you there." At the Epperson Group, we help buyers pinpoint their exact investment objectives and goals, before looking at property and making offers. Whether you are looking for immediate profits, long term appreciation, or changing a property to a higher and better use, our experts can help you clarify which investment approach will work best to accomplish your investment goals.

Step Two: Gathering property information

Once investment objectives have been clearly articulated, our team goes to work searching through multiple databases to access all of the possible properties that can help you meet your objectives. Properties may be sourced through the Michigan MLS, commercial listing aggregators, subscription-only web sites, or through the Epperson Group's own proprietary database of 1,000s of Detroit area investment properties. Many times we are able to find properties that are not even on the market through our extensive databases and network of contacts. All of the potential properties are then summarized for your consideration.

Step Three: Focusing on only the high probability properties

After a preliminary evaluation of the all of the possibilities gathered in step two, it becomes possible to narrow the field to only those properties that have a high probability of being superior investments. Working collaboratively with our buyer clients, we usually focus on 5 to 10 properties, out of the hundreds that are available, to actually do site visits, and request detailed financial information for further analysis. Our goal is to put you in front of the only best properties, without wasting your valuable time.

Step Four: Detailed financial modeling of investment alternatives

Ultimately, it all boils down to the numbers. Epperson Group has developed custom spreadsheets for analyzing alterative investment opportunities which we freely share with our investor clients.  Developed and refined over a period of 9 years, our strategy on identifying and contracting the best deals remains unparalleled in our market.

Step Five: Maximizing the negotiations

Once the target property has been identified, the key to maximizing returns is a successful negotiation. The members of Epperson Group have over 12 years experience negotiating scores of deals.  With that many transactions under our belts, we have seen more negotiating scenarios than most individual investors will see in a lifetime, allowing us to give our clients a real leg up where it truly counts.

Step Six: Exercising caution in due diligence

Once a property goes under contract, we stand ready to help our clients carry out appropriate due diligence to help make sure they get what they are paying for. With extensive access to a range of licensed property inspectors, attorneys, 1031 Exchange Intermediaries, CPAs and other professionals, we can help you get the expert opinions you need to make a confident buying decision.

Step Seven: Smooth closings

The devil is often in the details.  The Epperson Group prides itself on following the details of a transaction from start to finish. We work collaboratively with all local title companies tracking down documents and solving issues right up to the closing table. If a deal can be closed, we will make sure it does, on time and with a minimum of hassle to our buyer clients.


As a Native Detroiter with 15 years of sales experience in the Metro Detroit area, I have gained the vital knowledge and expertise it takes to position, market and close homes, throughout the area.