Vernon Barsatee (Exit Bayside Realty)

1675 Dorchester Ave

Boston , MA 02122

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Exit Bayside Realty serves Boston, Dorchester,Roxbury, South Boston, Mattapan and surrounding areas. Located at 1675 Dorchester Ave. Boston. MA.02122 Currently working with BANK OWNED properties. C

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The Most Associate  Real Estate Friendly  Company with over 36 offices all over NEW ENGLAND & over 1281 offices NATIONWIDE, 44,474 agents and growing all here to work with you. These numbers updated 2/11/08


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What's in a Name   EXIT IS ILLUMINATED ABOVE EVERY CORPORATE DOOR IN NORTH AMERICA! There are now over ONE TRILLION EXIT signs on the North American continent and everyone of them is paid for with other people's money!  It’s hard not to think about EXIT because you see it every place you go. Think about it: Signing off many computer programs requires you to EXIT At all movie theatres, EXIT signs are visually located near the screen An aircraft flight attendant's demonstration draws your attention to the EXIT sign EXIT signs in hotels point to safe passage Our competitors promote the name EXIT throughout their offices, seminars and conventions This company is more highly advertised than General Motors®, IBM®, Sony® or any other major corporation. However, who really makes an EXIT in our Business? THE SELLERS of course! They are moving out and truly understand the meaning of the word. 


SELLERS!........ If you're planning to sell your home in the next few months, this Complmentary service is designed to help establish your home's current market value. Simply choose Market Analysis and fill out the requested information. I will use comparable sold listings to help you calculate the fair market value of your home. BUYERS!........ Automatically receive personalized MLS listings by e-mail. Early each morning I will search the local MLS and find the homes that match your criteria and notify you immediately with the latest listing information!! Simply choose Dream Home Finder and fill in the requested information. Or, search for yourself at [Search For Homes].

AGENTS!....... ------ NO  DESK  FEE ------2. New office fully equipped with the latest technology. 3. 70/30 Split with office until Gross Commission (GC) reach’s $100,000 then 90/10  4. Can make your Retirement a reality . 5. Be Part of our NATIONWIDE REFFERAL NETWORK offering 100% referral Commission.6.Our single level Residual Referral Associate Bonus Earns You More Than 100%: For every associate you refer who joins any EXIT Realty you will receive a bonus income as long as both associates stay with EXIT Realty. 1. 10% of their GC up to $10,000 Per Year Sponsoring Residuals. 2. 7% of their GC up to $7,000 Per Year Retirement Residuals. 3. 5% of their GC up to $5,000 Per Year Beneficiary Residuals. -------- WE ARE HIRING --------