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Hi, my name is Matt Jones, founder, CEO, and broker-in-charge of, and this is my company’s story.® started in my living room in June 2002 when I started a brand new career - real estate. While I was still in licensing school, I read every book I could find, listened to every tape and CD, and talked to everyone I knew in the business. Like everyone else, I followed the conventional wisdom, doing everything the “experts” say to do. The problem is none of it worked. I was working twelve hours a day, seven days a week, and having little if any success. I simply didn’t have enough customers. I was so frustrated I nearly quit. But before giving up, I knew I had to try real estate on my own terms - in a way that made sense to me. I knew in my gut many of the techniques that we all learn are just bad ideas, or good ideas whose days have passed. So I tossed conventional “wisdom” and followed my instincts. Technology, especially the Internet, had changed every other industry during the previous few years. I figured, “Why should real estate be any different?” I already had a web site (who doesn’t?), but it didn’t generate any business. So I set out to design one that did, and I designed the very first LCM Gateway (an effective lead capture tool for my web site). Long story short, it turned my business around. Suddenly, I was capturing hundreds of customers every month, and that changed everything. It helped me to take 114 listings that year while building a team of agents to work with my buyers. Because of that success I was asked to speak at several national conferences, and before long I was getting calls from agents all over the country asking for my help. They wanted to know how to build a web site like mine. But I soon discovered that most agents aren’t computer programmers. It wouldn’t work for me to teach them to build web sites, so I developed stand-alone LCM Gateway® technology that other agents could use with their existing web sites. Since those humble beginnings in my living room, our technology company has licensed our web-based software to over 13,000 agents across the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Meanwhile our local real estate company has grown to become the largest brokerage in our local market. We’ve been identified by several major media outlets as pioneering the “new way of doing real estate” and were featured 17 times on CNN’s Pulse on America program in 2006 and 2007. Our full story was published in a feature profile in Broker Agent News in 2007.
Books and Articles

iew Matt’s books currently available from publishing:

LCM: The Secret to Success in the New Age of Real Estate - ©2005, Book. Matt Jones describes the secrets that made him one of the top producing agents in the country in just a few years. This book is an overview of the technology and the methods that grew from a single agent practice to the largest company in Matt’s home town of Fayetteville, NC. Available in e-Book format for free.

The Ultimate Listing Presentation - ©2006, Book. Matt follows up his debut release with an expansion on his listing presentation — the very presentation that won him over 114 listings in his first year in the business, all at 8% or more, in a market that typically lists for 6% or less. Available in e-Book format for free.

Traffic: How to Sell Fast and Net More - ©2007, Book. In Traffic, Matt takes his listing presentation — the very presentation that won him over 114 listings in his first year in the business, all at 8% or more, and presents it to the “non-professional” general public. In it he discusses when FSBO is a good strategy for a seller and how to find a good agent. Available in e-Book format for free.

Becoming a Mega-Producer - ©2007, Book.  Becoming a Mega-Producer moves from the listing side of the business and speaks directly to the buyer side. This powerful edition is a step-by-step walk in the shoes of Matt Jones, as he shares his secrets to becoming one of the top agents in the country in less than 5 years. Available in e-Book format for free.

Matt has authored well over a hundred editorials and training articles that have been published nationally in publications like National Realty News, Broker Agent News, Broker Agent Pro,, Real Blogging, to name only a few.

Media Interviews

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CNN - Pulse on America (2006) Feature profile of in a special report titled “Changing the Way Real Estate Is Sold in America.

Radio America Network - Equity Strategies (2006) Stu Taylor interviews Matt Jones on Radio America Network’s “Equity Strategies.” The program reached approximately fifty-five million listeners and covered topics like’s customer-acquisition technology, its growth potential, and its team approach.

Broker Agent News
(2006) Broker Agent News’ Michael Krisa gets Matt Jones’ perspective on internet lead generation.