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Francine Freitag
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Get to Know Francine Freitag

The mortgage industry is a fascinating place to be these days.  I guess I come from the "Old School" where service to the client was the primary thrust in our business.  I was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years prior to moving to Arizona from NY.  I thought THAT was exciting.  Well, nothing beats the finance business these days for thrills!  And my realtor associates KNOW I understand their side of the job - because I've been there!

My borrowers' complete satisfaction at the end of their transaction is what keeps me happy and up for the next challenge.  In a world of roadblocks and constant, continuous regulation changes I realize that the average borrower cannot make it through the hoops of fire they need to jump through without some serious assistance from a knowledgeable, reliable Loan Originator.  Being on the inside of this business for 16 years gives me the edge.

I continuously seek out the new and latest changes to bring that knowledge to my clients - sort of sweeping the road they must travel to get their loan approved and closed.  I am licensed in the state of Arizona and must continue my education each year in order to renew that license.  You can't beat the experience - and I can't deny the  pleasure of hearing my client say, "Great job, Francine...I couldn't have done this without your help!"