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Our real estate firm, Xtra Realty, LLC is uniquely equipped to handle most distressed property situations in Florida.  See MyUnderwaterHome.com for a comprehensive review of short sales and our capabilities.  Or, visit LoanModNavigator.com for all you need to know about loan modification, including an industry-leading loan modification software program that optimizes that opportunity for any homeowner/borrower to get a loan modification, by the numbers, on the exact terms that they deserve.

In addition to having the CDPE designation, as licensed lawyers and real estate brokers, we find the best solutions for troubled homeowners and can deliver on the alternative that best resolves their situation.  We, so far, have a 100% track record of success with short sales, including waiver of mortgage deficiency balances.  Our approach to short sale is based on the realization and fact that short sales, just like loan modification, are a by the numbers process.  We focus heavily on the financial analysis for the simple reason that we know that the lender's decision will be based on finances and the numbers, not real estate or legal considerations. 

We work with real estate agents throughout Florida to make short sales happen.  Listing the a short sale in the local MLS and performing a local CMA is one thing.  The negotiation of the short sale, however, is quite another thing and has nothing to do with being local.  The lenders with whom we negotiate are typically located in California, Texas, Minnesota - anywhere but Florida.  All that they know about our short sale properties are the numbers - its valuation, mortgage balances, and other outstanding liens.  It's on this basis that we negotiate with them to get the successful outcomes for our or your clients (if you choose to work with us).


Our firm primarily handles property listings of all types from $100,000 single family homes to condos of $1,000,000 or more.  Geographically, we personally have taken listings anywhere from Northern Dade County (Aventura/Sunny Isles area) to Northern Palm Beach County.  Our goal is to help people resolve their problems.  We turn away no one. 

The principals in our firm are highly qualified and experienced.  Amanda Schlechter is a licensed Florida attorney who has handled large land deals and entitlements issues for some of South Florida's largest home builders.  Amanda's sole legal focus in more than 10 years of practice has been all real estate related.

Chuck Mineo is a former Pennsylvania lawyer and a licensed Florida real estate broker.  Chuck has completed more than 3,000 real estate deals both in the U.S. and internationally having served as Vice President of Real Estate and Construction for Sunglass Hut International, Waldenbooks, and Clarks/Bostonian Shoes.  For more on Chuck's background see ChuckMineo.com.

Their combined knowledge and prior experience combined with the specialized knowledge they have developed regarding the whole topic of foreclosure and foreclosure alternatives (short sales and loan modification), makes them uniquely qualified to handle the full range of distressed property issues for homeowners anywhere in Florida.


Short Sale Specialists, licensed attorneys and real estate brokers equipped to negotiate short sales anywhere in the State of Florida. We know short sales, loan modification, and foreclosure law.