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Call me to discuss your online marketing. From websites and seo, to Adwords/PPC, to social media, to mobile marketing, let's brainstorm together and identify the opportunities available to grow your business.

It isn't all about branding. It isn't even all about traffic. The traffic must be targeted traffic and your site must convert visitors to leads. Interested in learning more? Give me a call, stop by my website or my Facebook page.

I'm not interested in selling you anything, so please don't expect that. If you pay me for something that doesn't help you, I have stolen your money, and I simply won't do that. Let's just review what you have, and discuss what you need, and take advantage of the opportunities.

Sound good? Cool. Give me a call.

Note Investing

At River's Edge Investments, we see ourselves as part of the solution to the foreclosure mess. Primarily we buy non-performing or re-performing real estate notes, and work with compassion and creativity to find win-win outcomes for our borrowers and our investors.

We are able to do things the original lender couldn't do, because we buy at such a discount. This puts us in a position to make strong profits for ourselves and our investors.

Arranging Cash Purchase of Seller-Financed Real Estate Notes

Sellers who have taken back financing to facilitate the sale of a property will almost invariably come to a point where they want to "accelerate" some or all of those payments and receive a lump sum of cash now. Please visit here to learn about selling mortgage notes and other cash flows.

Investing in Real Estate without "Tenants, Toilets, and Termites"

Our business model is to utilize both debt financing (private lenders) and equity financing (JV's and other forms.) Please contact us to discuss ways you might benefit from moving some of your invested capital (including IRA assets) from stocks, mutual funds, or bonds into real estate notes.


I build, host and manage SEO-friendly, mobile-optimized websites. What can I do for you, or your client?