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WE CLOSE WHAT OTHERS PROMISE... is more than a slogan,... It is an ideal... a pledge that we will continue to offer you our valued customer”.



Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Freddie Smith. I specialize in the liquidation of real estate secured notes market.                                                                                        I work with a number of investors/direct note buyers that are seeking to purchase owner financed discounted paper.


The note/notes can be sold to the investor/buyer as a full buy out or a partial buy out.  The full buy out or partial buy out is a case-by-case situation. With the real estate market as it is, we all know that money today is worth more than it will be in the future. My investors /direct note buyers are ready, willing and able make a cash offer to you/your for your first position secured real estate notes that you would like to liquidate to free up inventory and cash.


If you are holding a private party secured mortgage-real estate-land contract note and would like to receive a lump sum of cash now instead of receiving monthly payments over the term of the note, contact Smith & Associates with the detailed information of your note or your client’s note for sale. The direct note investors/buyers will review. At the present time, my investors are only seeking first position performing note only. Smith & Associates, investors/direct note buyers would like the opportunity to offer the note liquidation services to your referrals to fulfill their note liquidation needs as well.                        

First Position Notes Only Please.
We would like to earn your business.



The buyer's company that I am direct to was founded in 1983 in Tampa, FL as a mortgage brokerage loan originator company. As years passed the company grew and developed into a State approved institutional wholesale mortgage lender. 


This company started purchasing real estate secured mortgages on the secondary market in 1985 and today currently services loan accounts in almost every state in the country.


The firm recently re-located to Northern California to be near the Financial Center of San Francisco moving from one "bay area" to another. Company President buyer says; "We have seen the secondary market for private seller held mortgages change dramatically over the years.


Our growth has been fueled in part by the strong relationships we have with our customers. Note Sellers, Note Brokers, and other professionals have come to rely on us for our true COMMON SENSE way of evaluating files strengths and weaknesses, quick decisions, and our fast smooth closings."



Today there are many note buying firms that claim to offer you "the lowest rates..", "highest price", and the "best service..." . We ask you to ask yourself;


What good is such an offer if your file will never close at that rate?

Today's reality is that you do not receive your funds if your file does not close. 


Wouldn’t it be better to work with a direct principal investor that has a proven track record of closing over 96% of the files it approves, EXACTLY as they were approved?


Our staff has achieved a certain level of expertise in dealing with your files. We train our personnel to "work a file hard" and to find any way we can to make a deal work for you and your customers. We've been an alternative funding source for many brokers and professionals over the years, having purchased hundreds of files that could not be purchased elsewhere.


The buyer adds; "Today, the history of our company, which spans over 17 years, shows that we will continue to be the primary investor for many brokers who share our ideals and philosophy.


We are ever mindful of our company's heritage and the quality of service that our Note sellers and brokers have come to expect.

WE CLOSE WHAT OTHERS PROMISE... is more than a slogan,... It is an ideal... a pledge that we will continue to offer you our valued customer”.




Please provide the requested first position note information below:  


Property Type:

Payors Credit:

Property Value:
Owner Occupied:

Sale Date:

Sale Price:

Down Payment:

Property State:

Property City:

Property County:

Face Value of Note for Sale:

Note Balance:

Interest Rate:

Payment Amount:
Payments Made:

# Of Payments Made:

1st Payment Made On:

Number of payments remaining:

Next Payment Due Date:


Position of Note:

Amount of Underlying Loans:

Balloon Amount:

When Balloon Amount Due:

Term of Note (in months):
Contact Phone Number:


Comments/Property Description:  



***Wanted Owner Financed Mortgage Notes*** Nation Wide Buyer Credit score required to be 600+. The note must be closed & recorded.