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"Professional Marketing for Professionals" | Garrett Suzak Digital Marketing brings in more Leads to Your Business by Harnessing the Power of Google.

Get to know Garrett Suzak

Garrett Suzak is a young, entrepreneurial-minded individual with a keen eye for technological advancements, and adapts to such improvements and variations well before the masses. Garrett has been mutually tied to computers and the Internet for over 14 years, and has noticed a critical issue that many businesses have online: They simply do not know how to effectively get in front of the large sums of people that are actually looking to buy from them. Ads, pop-ups, and unsolicited emails just weren't bringing home the ROI home runs. He knew that there had to be a more unobtrusive way for them to do this with attractive returns.


In mid-2015, Garrett was introduced to the expansive world of SEO and the perks it had to offer for those who took advantage of it. Many business owners don't even want to think about their marketing plan or strategy - they just hope that whatever they're doing now will continue to keep the lights on and put a little bit of money in their pockets at the same time.


But even then, it's not always about the money. He realized that there are so many heartfelt business owners out there that wish they could be making more money to get the opportunity to help more people. Their goods and services aren't lacking; they're just not getting in front of the people that need them the most.


That's when the SEO company, Garrett Suzak Digital Marketing, was born. After many months and countless hours of training and networking with the top SEO companies from around the globe, Garrett had crafted a strategy out of all the knowledge and expertise provided to him, and built a system that simply WORKS. Business owners both locally and from all over the country are now realizing growth that they never could have imagined was available, right there at their fingertips. They're experiencing more freedom of time than ever before, their customer bases are rapidly expanding, and they're establishing an online presence of authority and credibility in their industries, including real estate professionals.


Testimonials for Garrett Suzak

  • Suzana Roclord

    "Garrett has a passion for online marketing which shows in the results he gets for his clients. If you are looking to expand your online presence, you should contact him."

  • Devin Schumacher

    "Garrett is an excellent digital strategist and SEO specialist. I have worked with him on multiple occasions and had great success with the joint campaigns we ran. I would recommend his services to any business owner looking to get more traffic to their website, and grow their customer base."

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