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Mary Buckmaster & Jerry Vice are Residential Real Estate Specialists helping nice people get the right home for their needs & the best home for their money on Seattle's Eastside.

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Jerry's background and experience includes over 25 years providing and managing customer service and sales, and over ten years of consulting and executive coaching for small and medium-sized businesses.  He considers himself a lifelong student of human nature and an expert problem solver. 

He has extensive experience as a consultant working with executives and key employees to improve leadership and teamwork.  He was a popular speaker and workshop leader on the subjects of human behavior and motivation in the workplace.

After completing his BSBA degree at Portland State University in business and economics, Jerry's career began in a corporate staff position with a Fortune 500 corporation in Portland, OR.  Over 20 years, he managed various Sales, Service and Marketing functions including general management responsibilities in the Far East and Latin America. 

In the mid-1980's, he taught export business development at the International Trade Institute at North Seattle Community College.  In 1993, he founded and launched an export trading company to develop and market specialized micronutrient formulations for horticulture in international markets. 

He has owned residential real estate on Seattle's Eastside since relocating to the area in 1982, joining his wife, Mary Buckmaster, in her Eastside residential real estate practice in 2004.

Jerry serves as Membership Chair of the Sammamish Rotary Club.  He also has served multiple terms as a Trustee of the Soap Lake Conservancy and on the board of the Seattle chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management as Vice President of Communications.

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Jerry and his business partner, Mary Buckmaster, help nice people get into their Dream Home on Seattle's Eastside.  We help buyers find their dream homes in the lovely neighborhoods in the Eastside towns of Sammamish, Issaquah, Bellevue, Redmond and Newcastle.

The most important service we perform as your Realtors-at no cost to to the buyer-is help buyers get into the right home for their needs, and the best home for their money.

"Once you find the best, right home for you and your family (and you'll know it when you see it) we help you negotiate the smartest offer consistent with your budget, so that you get into your dream home for the best value.  Whether you're buying or selling, we work hard to make sure you know everything you need to know to make good decisions, and avoid leaving anything on the table." 

Real estate negotiations are complex and sometimes full of surprises.  There are opportunities for things to go sidewise.  We help buyers anticipate, and navigate around potential and hidden problems-especially on pricing, financing and the property inspection.  Our buyers are able to take advantage of our experience, problem-solving and negotiating skills, and our expertise.  We put everything we've got to work for our clients.  We...

•▪          Save them money by helping negotiate a better price than they might think possible

•▪          Save them money by helping avoid accepting unnecessary concessions

•▪          Help them improve the terms of sale in their favor such as helping hold the other party responsible for fixing problems revealed in the inspection

•▪          Reduce the stress on them and their family members while making some of the most important decisions they'll ever make for their family

•▪          Help them avoid legal traps and potential snags

Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions people ever make.  Our experience in real estate and knowledge of the mortgage business means our buyers find the right lender, and the right mortgage program, for their unique circumstances. 

What if you've discovered your next Eastside Dream Home, but already own a house!  What do you do?  Call Mary and Jerry, masters at carefully orchestrating a Synchronized Sale & Purchase (or "back-to-back") transaction.  Many real estate agents have little experience with such transactions. 

We're part of RE/MAX, number one real estate brokerage in Washington State, the USA and the world.  Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.  So, when you're ready to sell your house, we'll help you get Top Dollar Fast! 

When all is said and done, we help you get into "the right home for your needs and the best home for your money."

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