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Dogged Dedication
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Get to Know Gayle Kendrick

I’m Gayle Kendrick,I’ve been a full-time professional Realtor since 1997.  I love my career!!

There's not much I can't handle and very little surprises me. I'm dedicated, optimistic, experienced and well organized. Most importantly, I stay in touch.  I’ll never leave your hanging or neglect calling you back.  I have 21+ years of experience with helping my clients buy and sell homes.  My motto is, “Dogged Dedication.” 

I was in the US Army when I met my husband of 45 years.  We have four sons, the oldest and youngest are only five years apart.  I knew that I couldn't effectively be both a mom and a sergeant, so I chose mom.  My husband, Tim, completed his military career.  Now I'm a retired wife.  (I'm not sure I like the term "retired wife.")  Three of our sons have served in the military. Our youngest recently retired from the Army just like his Dad.

During Tim’s career, we moved quite often. When we got to our new duty station, we'd have no place to live.  It was my job to fix that.  I had to hit the ground running. That’s when my love of real estate began.  

Our family has expanded from just our four sons.  We have four wonderful daughters-in-law, a son-in-law and ten grandkids..  Our eldest son has the distinction of adding the most new members to our family.  He has four kids and a new life partner.  They are part of a diversified household . 

Tim and I opened our brokerage, Rolling K, to better serve our clients. Each client receives individual attention and amazing service.

As I said, nothing much fazes me.  Life is an exciting adventure!



If you are buying a home:

When we first visit on the phone, I’ll find out what you want in a home and immediately send you a list of homes via email.  If you’re financing, you will speak with a lender to get your pre-approval. We have an incredible lender to recommend.  Next, I’ll meet to go over the purchase contract and the other associated paperwork.  I’ll fine tune your property search.  You will have already had your loan pre-approved and have a written approval in-hand before we go inside any homes.  All the while you’ve been receiving searches of homes.  Your job is to go past these homes and determine if you’d like to see inside.  Also, while you’re driving around you may see other homes or builders that interest you.  You’ll give us a call or email or text and I’ll find out the prices for you and all of the information.  If there’s a builder you’re interested in, I’ll send you the floor plans and all of the community information via email.  That way you’re not wasting your time.  Do NOT go into the builder without us.  We can oftentimes save you money and our services are free. 

After our get-together, we start going into homes.  When you find the home you’d love to own, we write an offer.   When you decide to make an offer on your home, you'll have all of the property information to include the market valuation and the tax records.  You'll understand the contract you're signing, because you will have already received an explanation and a copy of the contract. You’ll determine how much you'd like to offer.  You choose your home inspector.  You set up your inspection to meet your schedule.  You'll understand your options and get real advice.

Once the home is in escrow, you’ll be guided through every step.  I’ll stay in regular communication.  Before you know it, you’ll be moving into your new home.

If you are selling a home:

When we first visit on the phone, I’ll find out all of the upgrades and major maintenance you’ve done on your home.  I’ll email you information you’ll need to have before our first get-together.  You will see your single property website, internet flyers and some of your advertising should we decide to work together.  I’ll answer all of your questions.  If we don’t know the answers, I’ll find out.  When we get together, I’ll tour your home and take photos.  I’ll sit down and visit about your goals and expectations.  If it is a traditional sale, I’ll give you a net sheet.  If it’s a short sale, I’ll explain how you might be able to qualify to receive $3000 to sell your home.  I’ll go over our extraordinary marketing plan.  I’ll fill out the paperwork, start our marketing, and before you know it, your home will be sold. 


Silver Award 2018

Silver Award 2017



Understanding clients' needs and wants.  


Gayle Kendrick helps buyers and sellers find and sell homes in Arizona. She is the Director of Property Sales and co-owner of Rolling K Real Estate Inc