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Four Family Converted to 5K Sq Ft Office Space Current rent roll prepaid $17200 til March 2008. Prime Tenant Para Religous Philanthropic Corp. Use: Parish House/Ministry Offices.

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Gideon Equities Inc is the legacy of Abishai Gideon Cruz our 14 year old Autistic Non Verbal Son.  It is partner to God's Wartime Army our Home Based Missionary Ministry through which 6 trips have been made to Moslem and Hindu Nations during the last 6 years.  We are Bible Based Christian Fundemantalists.  Our Building was a Crack House we suffered 4 years next door to our home.  The rent from the Ministry has takent the value of the property from 20K to 94k in 6 months.  In march the building will be seasoned and the outstanding debt curently at Zero interest is 16K.  There is 78K of equity available which is beyond our credit and income to release.  A partner with the credit and income will be paid 10 shares of GEI stock valued at 5K to release the funds.  Duration of said partnership: 24-48 Months.

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Light Residential/Commercial General Contracting.  Our home was purchased at 6.3K and valued 64K after 5 years of improvements.  Computer Specialist in Assembly, Repair, Troubleshooting, Networking, and Design.  Webmaster, Trainer, Motivational Speaker.  Ameriplan Broker for Comprehensive Discounted Health Services.

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