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I own a franchise here in Ohio called WSI. While we can offer everything internet related, my particular niche is internet marketing. My focus is on driving client business, not clicks to your website. Feel free to generate any discussion in this regard and I will help out.

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DON'T WALLOW IN THE TECHNOLOGY. Get practical and stay real. Internet will not be your Saviour as much as I would like that to happen. Be practical about it and understand it for what it is. Internet marketing is somewhat of a mystery to a lot of real estate professionals (among most professionals for that matter). Many equate SEO or search engine optimization with internet marketing. It's only a very small part of the picture. Internet marketing and advertising is a comprehensive and integrated use of internet enabled technologies. This includes:

Your website and website visibility. Marketing that is website centric includes search engine optimization for better website visibility, sponsored search engine marketing that drives targeted leads to your website, content management, creating inbound links to your site. Ultimately though, the WEBSITE WON'T RUN YOUR BUSINESS. You are online to create and foster relationships. Email technology. Automating your email response with newsletters and autoresponders is a must. I am a HUGE fan of this technology and offer it to all of my clients no matter what profession! I discovered the value of this technology when my cold call leads went from a dismall 1.8% to 22% conversions. You can sign up with online systems that will do this for you OR you can get off your butt and write your own campaigns. Ultimately the ones that you write will work better because they will be more neighborhood oriented, more local and more personal. Direct Marketing. Snail mail and house calls. Yup...door to door! If you want to neighborhood farm, BE A NEIGHBOR. Get off your butt and start knocking on some doors. I have a chiropractor client who started his business this exact way. He knocked on EVERY door in a 5 mile radius to his office. He's literally swamped. How is this internet marketing? You get to ask for names, email addresses for your email campaigns. You get to TELL them about your website. You get to see the face behind that cryptic looking email address. Social Media. Do you know how to blog? Do you know how to comment on someone elses blog? It helps to have a strategy before you leave the house.
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