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Your Washington DC real estate agent. Commercial and residential real estate. Bradford Real Estate Group is the full service real estate agency for the nations capital.

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  For more than a decade, we've assisted discerning families, individuals, and businesses with the purchase and sale of unique properties across the Metropolitan DC area. From masterpieces in move-in condition to promising starter homes and everything in between, we'll help you locate the right property for your life and lifestyle.At Bradford Real Estate, we represent buyers and sellers of unique and charming residences and commercial properties. We know the market and the neighborhoods that will best fit your needs.Work with an exceptional teamFrom the moment you partner with us, we'll help your vision become reality. Our experienced and friendly agents live and work in the neighborhoods that we represent, so they understand the subtle nuances that define a great property. They listen carefully, study with a renovator's eye, and make appropriate recommendations for buyers and sellers. In addition to our exceptional one-to-one service, you'll have access to our network of qualified mortgage lenders, title companies, inspectors, and contracting partners to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transaction from initial meeting to closing.I invite you to contact me with any of your real estate needs and questions, as I am here to serve you, the client!  I look forward to hearing from you soon! WELCOME TO WASHINGTON DC!Washington, D.C., is the capital city of the United States of America. "D.C." stands for the District of Columbia, the federal district containing the city of Washington. The city is named after George Washington, military leader of the American Revolution and the first President of the United States.Washington, D.C. is divided into four quadrants: Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest. The axes bounding the quadrants radiate from the U.S. Capitol building.  Aerial view of the Washington MonumentDC Statistics2000 Census population: 572,059Male: 269,366 (47.1%)Female: 302,693 (52.9%)Black: 343,312 (60.0%)White: 176,101 (30.8%)Asian: 15,189 (2.7%)American Indian and Alaska Native: 1,713 (0.3%)Other race: 21,950 (3.8%)Two or more races: 13,446 (2.4%)Hispanic/Latino: 44,953 (7.9%)Percentage of population 18 and over: 79.9%65 and over: 12.3%Median age: 34.6 Median household income in 2000: $41,000Motto: Justitia omnibus (Justice to all)Flower: American Beauty RoseTree: Scarlet OakBird: Wood ThrushFlag: Adopted in 1938. Design was based on the shield from George Washington's family coat of arms.Facts and Statistics About DCIn 1790, a survey of the land for the District of Columbia was undertaken by Andrew Ellicott and Benjamin Banneker. Forty stones, laid at one-mile intervals, established the boundaries. The Potomac River was known to Native Americans as the "Co-hon-ho-roo-ta." The first English explorers called it "Elizabeth." The Residence Bill of July 16, 1790, established a site along the Potomac to be the capital. This federal district was first called the Territory of Columbia and the federal city the City of Washington. The name changed to the District of Columbia in 1793. The most popular museum in DC-and on the planet-is the National Air and Space Museum, which had 219 million visitors in its first 25 years. Of adults 25 and older in DC, 42% have at least a bachelor's degree. Washington, DC, is second only to the Silicon Valley, CA region in educational attainment. Map of downtown Washington DC with most tourist attractions listed.   The US Capitol; home of the Federal Legislative Branch.                                                                                 Howard University's Founders Library                                                                            Verizon Center: Home to the Washington Wizards, Captitals, Mystics, concerts and attractions year round.      Official Symbols of the District of ColumbiaThe District has many official symbols that are historically tied to the city; you can read about these below. In January 2006, fifth- and sixth-graders from Anthony Bowen Elementary School proposed an addition to this list: the cherry, as DC's official fruit.SealThe District's seal depicts a female representation of Justice hanging a wreath on a statue of George Washington. The seal was created in 1871. Key to the CityThe District's Key to the City, designed by native Washingtonian John Dreyfuss, is typically given to heads of state and other dignitaries. The key bears the inscription "Opportunity for All."    FlowerThe District's flower is the American Beauty Rose. This rose is a hybrid perpetual and is believed to have been introduced in 1875.TreeThe District's tree is the Scarlet Oak. This oak is a member of the Beech family and is found throughout the eastern United States.    BirdThe District's bird is the Wood Thrush. This songbird is found throughout the eastern United States, though its steady decline in population is causing concern among environmentalists.FlagThe District's flag was adopted in 1938. Its design is based on the shield from George Washington's family coat-of-arms.


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  About Dev Hillman  A customer service guru  Dev was born and raised in Long Beach, California and has lived in Washington DC for the past 17 years.  Dev Hillman is a licensed real estate agent in Washington DC. He joined Bradford Real Estate Group because of its novel team approach and emphasis on "getting the job done". "My plan is to help grow Bradford Real Estate Group into a company that will differentiate itself from its competitors and fill a much needed niche in the Washington DC real estate market."  He brings to the Bradford Real Estate Group a professional commitment to customer service. He will apply his skills in residential real estate, contracts, market research and creative marketing concepts.  Previously, Dev worked as a real estate investor with Marathon Asset Management tracking down foreclosures, probates and distressed properties. He was also a research fellow with Congressman Ed Towns, where he did small fundraisers, benefit receptions and legislative research.  While at Davis & Associates a revenue recovery outfit, he focused on the development and implementation of growth strategies and business design. He was also able to help D&A completely redesign its direct marketing business to become more customer-focused and to retain and procure more contracts with big firms.  At Mercer Management Consulting, Dev made a significant contribution to the firm’s recruiting efforts by serving as an undergraduate and graduate recruiter co-launching and managing Mercer’s strategy for top business schools in the nation. (Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, Tuck, Wharton, Fuqua, Sloan, Stanford GBS)  Dev produced a concert during Howard University’s Homecoming, which resulted in thousands of positive impressions for the University.   Dev attended Howard University and did a few years as a double major in Civil Engineering and Business Management.  He also financed through sponsorship sales a few short films and video projects while attending Howard.   Outside of Bradford Real Estate Group, Dev has been a mentor with the Robotics team at McKinley Tech High School, a content manager with Digital Sports (a journalism program for DC Public School students), a volunteer for the Martin Luther King Jnr Library and a liaison with Banking on our Future and YoungBiz; which both teach financial literacy to underprivileged inner city youth.  Before joining Bradford Dev traveled the world, including places like the Isle of Man, Sark, St. Barts, Brazil, Cuba, Andorra, Anguilla, St. Martin, Monaco, Ireland, France and the UK.       About the Bradford Real Estate GroupThe Bradford Real Estate Group caters to those whose expectations reach beyond the scope of traditional Realtors. Focusing on greater Washington residential real estate, the company employs a team approach, providing customers with originality, a passion for service, and specialized skills. For additional information, visit the Bradford Real Estate Group Web site at, or call 202 829 2299. Dev has four areas of expertise:



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