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People → Business → Technology ... 

   ...  in that order, balanced synergistically: empowering your personal style, vision, goals, and your business objectives with the systems, methods, and tools that technology provides; that is my guiding principle, and my passion.

    •   Success happens when opportunity meets preparation...

    •   Success pivots on our choices and our actions...


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I'd enjoy putting my wealth of experience to work for you...  Having been a professional in the Computer Industry since the 1960's I've had my share of experience with mainframes, minicomputers, desktop computers, embedded systems, and networks...  I was a systems programmer for many years before becoming a Systems Engineer for HP, and then a Marketing Product Manager and Engineering Project Manager for Apple. I've worked for several Fortune-500 corporations, several Silicon-Valley-Start-Ups, and several consulting firms, including KPMG (now BearingPoint.) 

Born and raised here in Silicon Valley (before there were chips) I have been internationally seasoned, living and working in more than 10 countries on three continents for six years.  I've visited nearly 50 countries, for work and pleasure.  Then, I decided to come back to Silicon Valley to settle down, get married, and have a family.

It's true, these days the NETWORK is the computer, in more ways than one.

I've been using the web since the 1990's.   If the internet and the web did not exist already, we would have to invent them, just like Al Gore did...  Besides getting maps, finding out the weather for your own zip code in a few clicks, checking movie reviews, Real-Estate listings, and looking up stuff in WikiPedia and editing a few articles, I find it amazing every day to see what's going on here on the Whirled-Wild-Web! It's a powerful technology we all can learn to wield easily, given some time and the inclination. Let's design and learn together, what's next?  Let's make it happen!



SEO - Search Engine Optimization for local small businesses and professionals

I have written a few pages of SEO guidance, just for you.  Please let me know if you want any help, or have any comments.


CoreFact: Marketing Systems for Real Estate Professionals

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