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Ted Gottschalk
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Get to Know Ted Gottschalk

When we meet to discuss the sale of your home, you'll have to decide whether to trust the sale of the single most important asset you own to me. In the attached information and in my marketing presentation, I will provide you with enough information about the market, my qualifications and My marketing plan for you to make an informed decision about who will best represent you in this most important business transaction.

My objective is to provide you with accurate and timely information about the real estate market in our area so that you can make intelligent decisions regarding the sale of your property.

Advantages of working with me are simple. I don't stop or slow down until your property is sold..  I  continue my education to stay abreast of  changes in the real estate industry and to bring you the latest in financing options, residential building code changes, homeowners insurance guidelines,  and  the short sale process.

 I am a professional in every sense of the word and my commitment to you is that I will provide you with the best possible service available so that you can get the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time , and with the least amount of hassle possible.

Education and Skill,

Integrity and Follow-thru,

and the Strength of my Marketing Plan


The following is a list of what I do different then other Realtors in the selling process:

¨ I create a virtual tour of your home that showcases all of the top features of the interior and exterior of your home.

¨ I fax and call all brokers in the area with a flyer of your property

¨ I call all of my other listings about your property because they will be moving soon and need a new home.

¨ I call and fax all of my buyers with information on your property.

¨ I walk into six new doors a day with your flyer to promote the sale of your home.

¨ I am constantly seeking new ways to market your home through technology, mailers, and the internet.

¨ You will receive a call from me every Monday until your home is sold with an update on the progress of your home.

¨ I have a database of hundreds of out of state buyers who will receive information about your property.

¨ I will do a minimum of 2 open houses in the first 90 days.

¨ Your closest 100 neighbors will receive notice of your new listing.

¨ I will act and dress like a pro at all times when representing you and your home.

¨ Your home will be listed on 22 real estate related websites including a special listing on Realtor.com for maximum exposure.

¨ I specialize in short sales keeping up to date on legislation, banking trends, and market trends that can improve or enhance the short sale process.

¨ I maximize tax incentives by targeting first-time homeowners and the $7500.00 government assistance program.

¨ I hit the computer and then I hit the pavement for you!


I will do what it takes to get your home sold!


I am a transaction broker servicing the St Augustine, Jacksonville, and Palm Coast areas. I will gladly refer business to any qualified Realtors, and would be happy to provide great service for you.